Eating Disorder Binge Eating Disorder: Therapy

Eating Disorder Binge Eating Disorder: Therapy

Treatment of binge eating requires that those affected recognize their clinical picture. The therapy consists of psychotherapy and weight reduction.

Because the knowledge about binge eating is still very limited, therapy is based on the approaches for other eating disorders.

Against binge eating: therapy for the soul

Therapy only makes sense if those affected want to change something in their situation and are willing to work on it. Here, sick people discuss and process their eating behavior with an expert in psychotherapy. The aim is to moderate uncontrolled eating through behavioral therapy. Experts believe that binge eating is a learned harmful behavior that can be discarded through conscious rethinking. In order to achieve this goal, patients must become aware of the reasons for their binge eating in therapy and look for triggers. Once these have been identified, those affected can take targeted countermeasures and no longer feel at the mercy of the disease.

Weight loss breaks the vicious circle

The treatment of binge eating also includes losing weight if you are very overweight. The closer those affected get to a healthy body feeling, the less they fall into their old eating patterns. Actually, this part of the therapy is not about weight loss per se. Above all, binge eaters should learn that a balanced and healthy diet is good for them. This reduces dissatisfaction with your own body and the vicious circle of binge eating, weight gain and the resulting binge eating can be broken.

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