Eating disorder bulimia: Eating-vomiting addiction

Eating disorder bulimia: Eating-vomiting addiction

Bulimia is an eating disorder that has psychological origins. In the case of eating-vomiting addiction, as the disease is also known, those affected often have uncontrolled eating attacks and then vomit.

Young women in particular suffer from bulimia. They feel too fat even though they are slim. In contrast to anorexics, bulimia sufferers are usually not extremely underweight. That is why the people around them often do not see the disease immediately.

Bulimia: Eating attacks caused by emotional pressure

The eating-vomiting addiction is based on psychological problems: a distorted perception of personality makes the patient feel too fat. You are starving to lose weight. In contrast to anorexia, bulimics have eating attacks that are mostly uncontrolled – they often take place at night. Patients try to counteract the attacks by countermeasures such as vomiting, excessive exercise or with the help of laxatives.

Secret eating and vomiting addiction

Bulimia is a disease that affects women more than men. Around two percent of the German population currently suffer from it. Young girls between the ages of 18 and 25 in particular have an addiction to eating and vomiting – it is estimated that one in five women suffers from it. The insidious thing about the disease: It is very difficult for outsiders to expose. The patients are mostly of normal weight and they are often clever at hiding the eating attacks.

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