Edible Flags

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This post does not have much text. There is no use trying to gain space against these photos, so I will just inform you where they came from and then you can admire the precision and creativity of each one. ?
Every year, Sydney hosts the International Food Festival in October. The idea is to show the gastronomic specialties from different cultures of the world. In 2012, each country was represented by its flag. Nothing more fair, until now. The innovation was to assemble them with food! And not just any one: with the typical ingredients of each locality. Mass, right? Take a look at them.

  • Japan, Lebanon, South Korea and Spain

flags - spain south korea japan lebanon

  • Greece, Indonesia, India and Italy

flags - greece india indonesia italy

  • Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey and the United Kingdom

flags - turkey its thailand runido

  • Australia, Brazil, China and France

flags - brazil australia china france
I have not yet decided which is my favorite and I confess that I have not deciphered all the ingredients. If you already have, comment down here. Kiss!

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