Eleni’s Cookies – NY

Eleni's Cookies - NY

There is a cookie shop that will please everyone. Located since 1997 inside Chelsea Market, it was worth the long visit I made weeks ago.
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Cookies, here in the United States, are part of the culture, life, daily life of the American. And there are all the ways, sizes, tastes… in short, the possibilities are infinite and in this particular store, the word infinite really means infinite, because it makes cookies customized to the customer’s needs, apart from the many ready-to-go themed collections that can be found in the store every day.
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Cookies are organized by type, occasion and theme. The store is beautiful, colorful and the service is attentive. There are special cookies for the Mother’s Day that is approaching, there are cookies celebrating the spring that finally arrived here and others where the theme is what is in fashion, like it bags – you see, fashion is not my thing, but I heard that the term “it bag” refers to the most traded bags at the moment and everyone wants to have them. Does everyone even? LOL. Anyway, as for the bags I don’t know but the cookies are cute and fun! They, I definitely WANT!
On the website (www.elenis.com) it is possible to make personalized cookies with sayings and photos! A fun way to toast life and especially as a gift.
elenis cookies ickfd3Well, if you’re passing through the Meat packing district, don’t think twice and spend a couple of hours walking around Chelsea Market. Eleni’s is part of the tour and if you want to have a cup of coffee and a cupcake, the store has tables and serves a reduced menu of drinks and cupcake flavors that maintain the characteristic freshness of when it is prepared for the day.

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