Elevated Utensil Kit

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The novelty that the Joseph Joseph brothers bring to us, kitchen lovers, is simple and practical. Like the other products they always create, the Elevated kit has a modern and playful design. The invention of the time was to put a few feet on each utensil, so that none of them touch the table. Therefore, they prevent the surface from becoming dirty with cake dough, icing or anything else, as well as making everything more hygienic. Another good thing is that all spatulas, spoons, shells and skimmers are heat resistant: they can withstand temperatures up to 240 ° C. There are more than 20 different utensils, in colored or wooden models. Take a look at the photos and try to choose just one. It’s impossible!
elevated2 elevated4 elevated1
Elevated utensils are on sale at Amazon, and range from $ 4 to $ 49.

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