Elle is back, São Paulo Fashion Week 2020 canceled and other news
Elle is back sao paulo fashion week 2020 canceled and

Elle is back, São Paulo Fashion Week 2020 canceled and other news

In times of so much concern with the coronavirus, the fashion world also changes. After all, São Paulo Fashion Week 2020, which was scheduled for April, was canceled. But, not everything has to stop! Elle, for example, just announced that it will return to Brazil. The editions are now different, with a focus on digital production.
Other releases, such as the Dior feminist podcast series and the new IDA collection, focusing on women’s union, show that something is changing, or at least being reflected around the world. It has new collections from Gucci, with psychedelic references, and from Vans, for people with autism. Stay tuned for news and tell in the comments which inspired you the most ?

Elle magazine returns to Brazil with open casting for the first edition

To the delight of fashion addicts, Elle returns to Brazil! The edition stopped being published in 2018, by Editora Abril, and now returns in the hands of the Papaki Group. Unlike the previous one, now the focus will be on digital with only 4 printed versions in the year, considered a collector’s edition.

Photo: @ellebrasil

The production will feature videos, podcasts and a strong presence on social networks. It even started very heavy! On the brand’s Instagram, @ellebrasil, all previous publications were deleted and new videos are being published to publicize the new Elle. And seriously, it looks incredible.

Photo: @paveepate with #olhaelle

Along with all this movement, the first edition of the magazine will be filled with an open casting made by Instagram. Just make a note and post some content in the feed with the hashtag #olhaelle that is already participating.

São Paulo Fashion Week cancels event due to coronavirus

Who also hoped to bring a lot of news, was São Paulo Fashion Week. But, unfortunately, it had to be canceled due to the coronavirus: / The edition would take place between April 24th and 28th and promises to be postponed, but still without prediction. The week of October, from 16 to 20, is still confirmed.

Photo: Gabriel Cappelletti at SPFW

The novelty that would arrive now is that the fashion week would take on a festival format. Thus, in addition to the traditional parades, parallel events would happen, called SPFW +, with lectures, collaborations between artists and stylists, exhibitions, interventions, conferences, installations, talks, shows and parties that will have fashion as a connection. Thus, everyone could register, participate and live this week. Let’s hope it is rescheduled!

Dior launches podcast focusing on feminist fashion

In this wave of podcasts, Dior could not be left out and brought a very cool idea: feminist fashion! The program is called “Dior Talks” and is hosted by Katy Hessel, art historian and owner of the @thegreatwomenartists profile on Instagram.

Photo: Luxury Therapy

The series aims to explore the connections between Dior’s collections, created by that of director Maria Grazia Chiuri and other contemporary artists and curators. The first episode talks about Christian Dior’s own stylist and has the theme “Feminist art”.

IDA launches collection to reflect on women’s union

IDA is a brand based on co-creation, affective network and sustainability. And now, he launched the collection called Gaia, which proposes a moment of reconnection with his woman self. Thus, he brings in his clothes representations of power, unity and empathy between us.

Photo: @ ida.com.vc

For this, the collection brings versatile pieces, delicate ruffles and many earthy and warm tones, which are a super trend for this year ?

Photo: @ ida.com.vc

São Paulo has a space dedicated to the GGPsychedelic collection, the Gucci Pin

Gucci has launched a collection that is crazy – literally. Based on the psychedelic image of the 70s, Alessandro Michele, creative director of the brand, brings many colors and prints in the brand’s traditional products. They are handbags, suitcases, shoes, accessories and ready-to-wear men’s and women’s clothing, but totally redesigned.

Photo: Disclosure

To make it even more inspiring, Gucci created a space at Shopping Pátio Higienópolis, in São Paulo, to interact with the pieces. The exhibition runs until May 3 and calls GGPsychedelic.

Vans launches collection with sensory elements for autistic people

As always, the brand positions itself saying that it wants everyone to be included. For this, it has a new collection created especially for people who have Autism Spectrum Disorder <3

Photo: Disclosure

The inclusive line, called Vans Autism Awareness Collection, was created in conjunction with the International Council on Accreditation Standards and Education and has ultra comfortable shoes, focused on touch, vision and sound. So, it has calming colors: blue and green.

  • Vans will donate a minimum of $ 100,000 of the collection’s income to the A.skate Foundation.
  • The collection is now available for purchase on the brand’s official website.

Despite all this tense moment that the world is experiencing, we can still be inspired and wait for this phase to pass, after all, there is a lot of cool stuff going on ? Ah, there are also skincare news, click here to read.

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