Elle Macpherson Surprising Diet Confession!

Elle Macpherson Surprising Diet Confession!

Anyone who achieved world fame under the name “The Body” has to lose a corresponding reputation. No wonder Elle Macpherson, who bears this great title, has long been addicted to a true fitness mania. Today, however, she has a completely different view of this topic and surprises in the InStyle interview with an unexpected Schlemmer confession.

Under the name of “The Body” has been Elle Macpherson (51) world famous as a model. And even at over 50, she still lives up to her title. “I like my current age”, so Macpherson in an interview with the fashion magazine “Instyle”. “I believe that today we live in an ageless society.” Easily put, when you look like that …

But the beauty was not always so confident. When she was younger, she tested everything: Diets, excessive exercise. Today the mother of two sons and an entrepreneur swears by one alkaline green powder, seven hours of sleep and paddle boarding in summer.

Even “The Body” gets weak

Despite all the discipline, the Australian woman does not miss out on enjoyment. “I also love Meringue, dark chocolate, whipped cream, ice cream cones“, She says and adds:” We should all do that Life and also enjoy our favorite food. “

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You can read the entire interview with Elle Macpherson and many other exciting topics in the current InStyle 07/15

Crazy diet madness

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