Embellishments That Make a Difference

Embellishments That Make a Difference

I’ve already set up my Christmas tree this year, but I know a lot of people are waiting for November 30th. As I am one of those people who loves to put new ornaments every year, there is nothing more fair than sharing with you my favorite ornaments and inspiring them to set up a full tree for this Christmas ?


Embellishments That Make a Difference

Photo: Dentist 04 (Tumblr)

I couldn’t start by talking about the main point – in my opinion, of course! For me, there is nothing that reminds me of Christmas more than the lights and blinkers.
In fact, I always start the tree by placing the lights, because they already provide a great base for all the rest of the decoration.


Embellishments That Make a Difference

Photo: Trends Panarna

I don’t know if there is a Christmas ornament with more variations than the balls! You can find models of all possible sizes, materials and colors.
For those who enjoy DIY, this is an excellent ornament to use and abuse creativity ?


Embellishments That Make a Difference

Photo: Ashley Hall via Pinterest

Another classic! There are people who put only a big golden star at the top of the tree, but as I am the crazy one of the stars, I like to spread them everywhere.
I also love the bright versions, after all, Christmas is the perfect time to overdo it!


Embellishments That Make a Difference

Photo: Do ​​it, love it

Are you like me who loves a tape? So the bonds cannot be missing! I’ve always liked stationery items in general and those thick, overworked ribbons always catch my eye.
In addition, the bows are excellent props to finish off some other more rustic ornament ?


Embellishments That Make a Difference

Photo: Have fun

In trees with more minimalist decorations, the bells may not even appear, but I confess that I think that some small pieces of these make everything more cute.


Embellishments That Make a Difference

Photo: Made in Persbo

Who doesn’t like to add a touch of personality to the tree? Although I love the more traditional ornaments, I think it is the choice of dolls and pets that most differentiate the decor. Reindeer, cookies, angels … All of this can be part of the tree composition! This year, for example, mine is full of Santa Claus
So, are you also the type of person who likes to vary the Christmas decoration? Tell us in the comments if you already defined this year’s theme ?

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