Embroidery with sneakers: look autograph Campinas

Embroidery with sneakers: look autograph Campinas

Yesterday I had another incredible meeting with fans from Campinas, in the interior of São Paulo! The autograph night for my new book The Recipe for Happiness was, once again, wonderful. The bookstore was full, there were a lot of screams from my chocolatudos and of course I was thrilled again!
I couldn’t go dressed in any way and I chose a transparent dress from Fabiana Milazzo for the event. You know very well how I LOVE tennis and I decided to make this mix that, modesty aside, combined super! I also wore Urban Outfitters shorts in the hot pants style underneath – very short and high waisted! To complete, a very sporty jacket.
The result was super modern and comfortable MEGA, you have no idea!
Of course, I don’t have these ideas out of the blue! There are a lot of people who wear super glamorous dresses with even dirty shoes! Look at my biggest inspirations:

Photo 1 – Tribal World / Photo 2 – Who What Wear / Photo 3 – Andrea Vita

I hope you liked this look! You can even bet on this mix at the end of the year parties, right?


  1. Dress | Fabiana Millazo
  2. Shorts | Urban Outfitters
  3. Jacket | Adidas
  4. Tennis | Vans
  5. Jewels | Marisa Clermann

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