Emporio del Gusto

Emporio del Gusto

Here I am again to talk about a great discovery in Niterói! Do you know those places you pass by, think it’s wonderful and think “I have to go here one day…”? So, due to lack of time and other reasons, I postponed my visit to Emporio del Gusto several times and if regret killed I would be dead and buried kkk

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The place is beautiful, cozy and has top quality products. I loved everything I had the opportunity to taste and I will definitely come back again, especially to have the pleasure of trying their breakfast. If it is like that on a daily basis, imagine with a hat-taking buffet as it should be?

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I’m starting to think that Niterói is improving in terms of bakeries and pastry shops. I can’t help saying that this was undoubtedly one of the best receptions I’ve ever had, the service was exemplary and I had the opportunity to meet the owner of the establishment. You can see that he does what he loves and that clearly reflects everything he sees there. The bakery has the most varied types of traditional and Italian breads, hot and cold drinks, cookies, cakes, fine pies and pies for parties, a delicious Italian ice cream buffet of the best quality where I tried the so famous Amarena flavor, in addition to pastries and a wine cellar to make any sommelier envious.

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Those are just the items I’m remembering. I have to talk about the delicious strawberry tart with one of the best icing creams I’ve ever eaten and the lemon tart. They were divine! Ahh, be sure to try the pizzas with rustic pasta. You will not regret! A thousand kisses and even closer!


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