Enchanted Forest in Norway | Røros

Enchanted Forest in Norway |  Røros

Traveling to a country where you don’t understand the language is very complicated. As much as Google Translate exists, we are not always able to understand everything we need to take a tour or buy something. On this trip, Paulo and I wanted to get to a mountain to do a trail, but none of us could get enough information to make the journey.
We took a walk around the city to try to find some information and stopped at a store called Delicatessen Røros. The guy who worked there was also like a tour guide and luckily he was able to help us. He told us that the trail we wanted to take on Femundsmarka it would take at least three days to complete, so we would have to make a smaller one and not as beautiful as that one.
We took the opportunity to eat there, since then we would go to the mountain. V
egetarians find few options in the menus, because meat and dairy products are the basis of their food. Vegans, for example, will find it even more difficult. In that case, luckily for me, I managed to order a mushroom soup with onion that was very tasty. Unfortunately the Delikatesser Røros closed, but you can find other places like this walking around the city!
Enchanted Forest in Norway | Røros
Another difficulty we had was how to find a
car for rent. We went to two different places and none of them had cars available. In one of the places we met a very attentive gentleman who took us to a store called Machine elf and rubber and we finally found a vehicle for rent.
How could we not make the longest trail in the
Femundsmarka, we continue on the path to the smallest, called Flensburger Land. From what we understand, it has 8 km to go and 8 km to return. Therefore, to enjoy the tour well, the best time for you to start it is in the morning. As we started late, we didn’t even get to her starting point.
Enchanted Forest in Norway | Røros
Whoever chooses to make the biggest trail can stay for one night in one of the
130 cottages from Femundsmarka. They were built at first for those who went fishing or hunting, but today they are used for those who are going to venture there.
Although we didn’t do the route we originally wanted, the ride was super pleasant. We found a
forest very beautiful and we spent a good time admiring the tiny white flowers in the trees. It was as if we were in a fairy tale setting and at any moment magical beings would fly by the place.
Enchanted Forest in Norway | Røros
We couldn’t end the day without eating well, right? We went to the
The guesthouse Røros, one of the best restaurants in the city, try the local tasting menu. Everything was delicious and I was surprised mainly by the taste of the vegetables. They are sweeter than ours because they take longer to grow. Consequently, they accumulate more sugar. It’s as if you have a much more pure and strong taste!
To know even more details about our day in Norway, just play on the vlog! I’m sure you will love to see the places we went and also get a better idea of ​​the food ?

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