End of period of the Gastronomy course

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When entering a gastronomy course, a lot changes in our life routine. We became more critical with food and we found classes full of unexpected things, some even very fascinating. Many of us are surprised by some disciplines to the point of deciding that it will be (this or that) the desired area to focus on gastronomy. I already entered the course wanting to focus on Confectionery and Bakery, but Garde Manger and Gastronomia Hospitalar also won my heart (Ah, I can’t forget Chocolateria! Yes, I had a discipline just for chocolates). However, working, studying, taking parallel courses in everyday life make us count the days for the blessed holidays.
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We take a vacation from gastronomy, but she doesn’t take a vacation from us! One piece of advice I give to everyone, since I was a tutor in college, is to take some time off from the holidays and review everything you’ve seen in the course so far, without compromising grades and exams. For those who do not work in a kitchen, vacations are the time for boys to grow their beards and for girls to grow their nails and paint them. But one thing is for sure, at some point you will bat your eyes on your dolman and you will miss the practical classes, the friends in the laboratory and that special time recorded in all your senses. If you agree with me and based on memories a smile comes to your face, just wait to see when you graduate! Maybe he has already graduated and is more of a nostalgic person like me.
Also without forgetting that day in the special week, because it was the day of the inspirational class of a phenomenal teacher. And believe me, teachers also miss classes. Some can be teachers of one more discipline, others can spend only “six” months in their life and yet any of them can (even without you knowing it) be a little person in the crowd of their success. To my beloved teachers, all possible thanks!
The study is a planting process, requires dedication and has generous results. Take advantage of the holidays to do everything that the lack of time forbids you to do, and enjoy every moment and take the opportunity to practice the 10 readings of a gastrologist. Good vacation!
Holiday suggestions: watch TV series and prepare recipes with love and time.

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