Eñe – Sao Paulo

Eñe - Sao Paulo

I am totally suspicious to talk about Eñe Restaurante, after all it is one of my favorites in São Paulo. It is a restaurant with classic Spanish recipes, but with a special touch of haute cuisine by the hands of chefs Javier and Sergio Torres. And a few months ago, these chefs surprised me once again with an incredible menu of jamón and summer truffles. It was a more tasty and pungent dish than the other.
I couldn’t decide which one was the best and none of them displeased me, it was a growing amount of flavors and textures that overlapped and exploded in my mouth of pleasure. One of these dishes was the one in the photo: the scallops with artichoke, chorizo ​​and summer truffles. In a word: DISCONCONDING!
Now what interests us: for dessert a chocolate manioc flour with rice popcorn and vanilla ice cream was served, which was obviously impeccable, but my favorite dessert there is the brioche soaked in orange syrup, with English cream and cinnamon ice cream … just a scoop, and look that unlike Maria Antonieta, I’m not even a fan of brioche. I COULD KILL FOR EÑE, and you, too?
PS: Just be careful with one thing over there, if you are going to ask for the harmonization of the wine tasting menu, do not take all the wine you put in the glass, as you will simply go out there more than here ?
Eñe is located at Rua Dr. Mario Ferraz, 213.
PHOTOS: Danielle Noce – IG: icouldkillfordessert

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