enjoy the balcony as a rest area
Enjoy the balcony as a rest area

enjoy the balcony as a rest area

More relaxing areas are indispensable in any project. For some, a more Zen room or room makes all the difference, but I confess that for me there is nothing better than transforming balconies and balconies in this “decompression” space, as Henrique from @ apartamento_203 usually says, haha ​​?

Photo – IKEA EUA

To vary the “gourmet balcony”, which has become very popular in recent years, it is worth betting on some elements that will transform the environment into a cozy and relaxed place.



Photos – Simple Decoration and My house, my face

To bring nature into the space anything goes: from living walls, panels with vases, hanging cachepots or even vases of different sizes scattered on the floor. The greener the better!

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