Enough with matte lipstick!
Enough with matte lipstick

Enough with matte lipstick!

2017 arrived with many new trends for the beauty world – thankfully! In addition to lighter skins, very illuminating and different shades, lipsticks have also gained new versions ? In recent years, products with matte finishes were worldwide preference and it was even difficult to find lipsticks with other textures.
enough of matte-lipstick-back-of-gloss-and-metallic-danielle-noce-1

Foto – Pinterest

Today, the gloss and lipstick with metallic finish are with everything! In addition to being successful on Carnival days, the products promise to remain in our necessaire for a boooom time!


enough of matte-lipstick-back-of-gloss-and-metallic-danielle-noce-2

Photos – FFW

After SPFW it was confirmed that the gloss came back with everything! In addition to using the product on the skin, as I mentioned in this post, the lipsticks you already have can get the “wet” finish with colorless gloss!

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