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Epice is a small and discreet restaurant on Rua Haddock Lobo. With few tables and a very well trained staff, Chef Alberto Landgraf serves his customers with mastery and food so good and delicate that it is almost difficult to find other restaurants with the same level of precision and price as Epice.
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This is definitely one of my favorite places in SP. The drinks list is impeccable, the staff super attentive and who knows a lot about each of the dishes they are serving and which are constantly changed to use seasonal ingredients.
Ahhhh and the breads? !! What to say about the perfect and warm breads that come out of Epice’s kitchen, prepared with mastery. I am completely in love with these rolls.
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Last Friday I went to the restaurant to try the executive lunch and I was even more delighted. For only 45 reais you can choose between two menus consisting of starter, main course and a divine dessert.
restaurant epice sao paulo 15
I started my lunch with a drink to whet my appetite, the chosen one was Orange King, a highly complex drink based on Cointreau, with a long, dry and vegetal finish and with dominant flavors of citrus and floral… well at least that’s what it says in the letter kkkkkk, I just found it delicious and very refreshing. It felt like a late-afternoon breeze was blowing on a hot summer day behind the back of my neck; D
restaurant epice sao paulo 16 restaurant epice sao paulo 17 restaurant epice sao paulo 14
For the starter I chose the mandioquinha with hazelnut bran, which came lightly with honey and a delicious herb butter. Good for a person who is addicted to mandioquinha like me, I went to heaven and came back with this one; D Paulo already had the cauliflower cream that I tried and that even looked like a mother’s thing that was so good.
restaurant epice sao paulo 7 restaurant epice sao paulo 9 restaurante epice sao paulo 8
As a main course I ordered duck rice with lacquered pumpkin and melon pickles and honestly it was one of the best combinations I have ever tasted. I already knew that duck paired a lot with slightly sweet ingredients but this one was perfect. Paulo took the fish with red onion pickles, pupunha salad and crooked peas which he said was very nice too.
restaurant epice sao paulo 5 restaurant epice sao paulo 6
And to finish the dessert came perfect. I ordered an organic strawberry pickle with thyme flour and fresh cream and Paulo ate an impeccable chocolate pie with milk ice cream. All very good and well done. I was impressed with the affordable value for dishes so well prepared and delicious.
restaurant epice sao paulo 4 restaurant epice sao paulo 3 restaurant epice sao paulo 2
I hope everyone can stop by; D
Kisses and until next time.
That day it was a little cold and I ended up wearing more closed clothes. I wore an old lurex dress that I have from TopShop as a blouse, a velvet skirt from American Apparel. To match and add a touch to the look, the black pantyhose with laser-cut designs are from Wolford and the oxford style shoes are from Tracey Neuls (have you seen how much I wear this, right? I love it very much!), The varnished belt lace is very old from Thais Gusmão store and the bag is Kate Spade’s. To warm up I opted for this jacket that Paulo loves to say is from the Beatles and that I can now use again (it was thrown / forgotten at the bottom of the closet kkkkkk) and he is from a French store called Maje, very cute and that I he loved to stroll there and see the news when he was in Paris.
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