Essential Items For Confectionery

Essential Items For Confectionery

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a handful of confectioners: some confectionery utensils are essential inside any kitchen. To do the carrot cake perfect or hit the point of the dreamed macaron it can be difficult. But, with the help of certain products, these impasses can be resolved.
As many utensils are needed, at first we selected only five. And, if you have no idea where to find these items, take a look at our list with
confectionery stores in Brazil.


Essential Items For Confectionery

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Repeat after me: confectionery is precision! THE balance is the best friend of every confectioner, even if you are still at the beginning of this career or hobby. Weighing the ingredients correctly makes all the difference in the final result of a sweet. We know that many people use the famous “curd cup” or “cups of tea” as a universal measure. However, some recipes ask for exact grams.
Analog scales are not as good as digital scales, but they serve to break a branch. The ideal is that you see the number of grams to avoid errors. Regarding the price, digital models can vary from R $ 30.00 to R $ 300.00, so do a lot of research and see which one fits your needs (and pocket) better.


Essential Items For Confectionery

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How to make tall cakes with multiple layers of filling? Using acetate! Desserts like the unicorn cake or the 23 layer chocolate cake end up being taller than ordinary cakes. Therefore, it is necessary to divide the cake dough into more than one shape. After roasting, place the acetate around another shape of the same size and build the layers.
When the acetate sheet is used, the finish is impeccable and prevents the filling from escaping from the sides. Oh, and while you are assembling the candy, take it to the freezer for a few minutes between each layer. That way the structure will be even firmer ?

Good shapes

Essential Items For Confectionery

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Of all the confectionery utensils, I believe that shapes be the main ones. After all, it is impossible to make a cake without having to bake it. The ones I use the most are the 21 cm round shapes – I must have even more than 5! The ideal is to have at least 3, two to bake the dough and one to assemble the candy.
In addition to the shape and size, the shapes also vary a lot of material, ranging from aluminum to silicone. This second model is more malleable and must be handled with care, especially when unmolding. Another type of product that cannot be left out is the forms with removable bottom. They are perfect not only for cakes, but also for pies and the like!


Essential Items For Confectionery

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Like the scale, the thermometer falls into the precision category. It is essential to temper the chocolate in the best possible way, without errors of point and brightness. The icing on the glass cake also needs to be at the correct temperature to achieve the mirror effect. In other words, it is worth investing in a good thermometer for both chocolates and glazing.


Essential Items For Confectionery

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Last, but not least, the cooling grids. They serve to circulate the air on all sides of your candy, making cakes more fluffy and cookies dry. It seems to be an unnecessary confectionery utensil, but the grids are essential for the dessert to be in the ideal texture.
The grids can also be used in the decorating process of sweets, as in frosting or even lighter ganaches. Just place it inside a form, causing all the excess cover to drain and fall into the bowl that is being used as a support.
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