Essential Items for Making and Serving Coffee at Home

Essential Items for Making and Serving Coffee at Home

Who there is passionate about coffee? I confess that I am more of the teas, but sometimes that desire for a warm coffee beats! This drink, so simple to make, classic and perfect to liven up when necessary, deserves some special care. Despite being a fan of the machines for practicality and speed, there are days when we really want to do the complete preparation ritual!
I am no expert on the subject like Juliano Lamur who has already produced a series of posts here for the site a few years ago (click here to check them all out), but I still think that some simple tips can make this moment more special!


Essential Items for Making and Serving Coffee at Home

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Automatic or manual, no matter your choice! Grinding coffee beans minutes before preparation makes all the difference in taste and aroma! Not to mention that with a grinder at home, you can try different beans and even decide the coffee grain size. Some preparation methods, like the Hario V60, are much better with the correct grinding – in this case, medium.
There are several models on the market and you will surely notice the difference with one of them at home!


Essential Items for Making and Serving Coffee at Home

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Using filtered water can actually change the final taste of the result, as well as the temperature! The ideal is to remove the water from the fire and strain the coffee as soon as it starts to boil, okay? If the water gets too hot, it can even burn the beans, which directly influences the flavor. The same goes for very cold water which is also not recommended because it does not extract all the compounds from the grain.


Essential Items for Making and Serving Coffee at Home

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Now there’s a wave of cloth filters, right? They are great for holding on to the unmistakable aroma of coffee! The paper ones also do the job well and a good tip is to pass hot water through your filter before you even add the powder. In addition to reducing the residual taste of the paper, this also helps to stabilize the temperature of the container that will come in contact with the drink!


Essential Items for Making and Serving Coffee at Home

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There are several models of coffee makers and filter holders out there, but I dare say that the moka is one of the easiest to use at home. The moka coffee maker, also known as the Italian coffee maker, is perfect for those who want practicality! With it, you don’t even have to worry about the strainer or the filter, after all, it is the water vapor itself that rises through a sieve inside the coffee maker and the strong coffee is ready without much effort.
To know how to prepare a delicious coffee with her, just click here ?


Essential Items for Making and Serving Coffee at Home

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A detail that makes all the difference when serving freshly made coffee is to scald the filter, strainer, teapot and cups in which the drink will be served to remove any present taste. Well, and although thermoses are great allies in terms of practicality, the taste of fresh coffee is always better.
That is why it is more worthwhile to purchase individual strainers and filters to maintain freshness. Now, if you want to serve a delicious coffee to a crowd, there’s no greater charm than using the Chemex coffee maker – this beautiful glass jar in the photo ?


Of course, there is no shortage of specific products to make your morning ritual more delicious! I made a selection of 10 pieces that are sure to make this moment more special ? They are strainers, filters, grinders, coffee makers, kettles and even cups with lots of charm!
Essential Items for Making and Serving Coffee at Home
1- Manual Coffee Grinder with Hario Glass at Americanas – R $ 399.99
2- Coffee Mug and Spoon Kit at Storehouse Home Decor – R $ 165.00
3- Furniture Strainer Support from Móveis Nadalini at Americanas – R $ 40.00
4-Italian Type Coffee Maker in Aluminum Casita in Americanas – R $ 32.81
5- Finesse Coffee Filter Vase at Storehouse Home Decor – R $ 235.00
6- Fosca Ceramic Coffee Strainer Set at Casa Mind – R $ 199.00
7- 3 Liter Kettle with Whistle HSK-H037 Inox from Hauskraft at Dafiti – R $ 74.90
8- Coffee Strainer passed at Casa Mind – R $ 29.00
9- Ceramic Green Coffee Strainer + Cup at Villa Pano – R $ 201.00
10- Cuisinart Automatic Black Coffee Grinder DCG20 127V at Americanas – R $ 229.00

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