essential parts, accessories and products
Essential parts accessories and products

essential parts, accessories and products

Who also can’t stand being cold? There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable with an outfit, or worse, wearing pieces are not suitable for the weather! In the heat, we even manage to get more light pieces and lots of bodies, bikinis…
The problem is that in winter, depending on the temperature, you will really need very appropriate and technologically advanced parts – seriously! As many of you may remember, I was already very cold in Iceland and so I decided to talk in more detail about some pieces that make a difference in the suitcase to a freezing place like this!

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First of all it is VERY important to take thermal clothing. If I go somewhere that is very cold, there are plenty of blouses and thermal socks in my suitcase. Even when I go to the south of Brazil in winter or to a colder city, like Campos do Jordão, these pieces are indispensable. In snowy places this care is even greater – I also wear thermal pants and gloves!
As I told in this video, about the suitcase for Carretera Austral, in addition to the goose down jackets and coats – which are light and very warm – it is worth taking thinner coats of over there to use underneath, as the “wind-cutting” fabric stops cold air and holds body heat.

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Of course overcoats are important, especially if you are in cities with more heating infrastructure. As it is usually much warmer inside than in the street, it is good to have layers of clothes to keep it from being too cold or too hot. The overcoats and wool ponchos are great ?

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Another crucial point is to keep the extremities of the body well warm, so the accessories are essential in winter travel. Gloves, caps, ear protectors and very warm and waterproof boots are some products that really make a difference! When we went to Chile, we also did not give up a collar / scarf that, in addition to protecting the neck, also kept the nose warm ?

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Protect yourself from the sun’s rays! It is not because you are not exposed as at the beach that you should leave aside the sunscreen and some other items. In the snow, for example, it’s super important to use glasses with UVA and UVB protection, because the sun’s rays reflect on the white ground.


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In the cold, it is also very good to take a lip balm it is a heavier moisturizer for face and body. Usually the wind is strong in these places and can even hurt your skin, see?


Of course, all the pieces can be adapted to your style and your needs. This post was just to give you a base and help in checklist after all, these details make all the difference!

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