New Sunset Flower Square Motif Crochet Tuttorial

In my last article, we finished reviewing the Blue Ribbon Afghans and reviewed some of the patterns in The Best Of Maggie Weldons Crochet Afghans. I sincerely hope that my reviews have helped you decide if you want to tackle a pattern that you would normally miss. In this article we will review a few more books. We start with: 50 sensational Crochet Afghans & Throws – The Needlecraft Shop. This book is sooooo worth buying! It has Afghans like you’ve never seen before and will want to try them all at once! Let’s start with:

Joyful squares on page 8 – This is an intermediate pattern consisting of squares like you’ve never seen before! The colors in the photo are fuchsia, leaf green, teal and lavender. What color combination? The center of the square is a green X that looks like a chain that is worked into the X. This is edged with lavender and then fuchsia. Then a square around all of it in teal and finally several rounds of green with fuchsia edging to tie it all together. Difficult to explain, but take my word for it – it’s a beauty!

Arbor Rose on page 12 – A simple and simple white Afghan in rows of clusters. At each end there is a stitch section with a crocheted trace of stems, leaves and flowers in the same cream color. Breathtaking Afghan. This is also classified as moderate.

Spanish tiles on page 22 – This Afghan consists of large hexagon and small hexagon motifs and a few triangles to bring the rows together. It is another very unusual and pretty Afghan. The pattern consists of carrots, medium thyme, gold and burgundy. Beautiful Afghan for a sun porch that is thrown over the back of a wicker chair! This is an intermediate pattern, but doesn’t seem to be very difficult. This is one that I will try!

Afghan stained glass windows on page 41 – This is by far the most breathtaking Afghan I have ever seen! It is made in blocks of blue, turquoise, light mint, gold, carrot, corn flour and black. The center is blue and turquoise. Then mix corn flour in gold and mix in carrots. At the four corners there is a 3-leaf turquoise and blue. It is then bordered with several rows of black, then a row of carrots, then a row of black. There is a black net over the middle color wheel, which gives it a certain stained glass look. Only moderately rated! I really want to try it out! I’ve seen one done and it’s exquisite!

Grandma and Grandma on page 49 – This Afghan is rated simply and easily! I did this. It’s really a huge granny square that’s 3 rows of dark pink, then 3 rows of fern green, then 2 rows of cream, then 4 rows of gold, then 3 rows of pink, then several rows of fern green, and so on continue. When you’re done with the big granny square, make the grandchildren – little squares in different patterns that you whip at each end of the grandma. Then go around the whole thing with several rows of each color. Works pretty quickly. A great teen blanket!

Hot ‘N’ Spicy Afghan on page 58 – Made from large orange and red groups in panels, then the panels are crocheted together with black. Really pretty and very spicy and spicy! Simply rated

Contemporary pinwheel on page 66 – Another simply rated! This is done in squares consisting of rows of HDC in 3 colors. It is displayed in yellow, brown and gray, but this would look great in any combination of colors! Overlay rows of the first color, then the same number of rows of the second color, and then the same number of rows of the third color. Then the blocks are arranged so that the stripes run in different directions. A bit like the old quilting fence pattern. Great blanket for the men in your life!

Rose lattice on page 68 – This Afghan is classified as experienced due to the special stitches that are called roll stitch. The Afghan hound consists of leaf green squares with a bright pink flower in the middle. The flower consists of the special roll stitch. The roll stitch is as follows (anyway in this pattern) Yo 15 times loosely, insert hook into the specified st, pull lp, yo and pull through all 17 lps. May take a little practice, but this is a feasible pattern. Very pretty too.

Fantasy Garden on page 73 – Puff stitches in pretty flowers with 3 dc rounds. Every square is a little different. Done with an I and J hook and in dark orchid, dusty teal, café, carrot and light fuchsia. For example, a fuchsia flower may have a teal background, a teal flower may have a carrot background, a carrot flower may have a fuchsia background, etc. Cute Afghan for a family room. The colors could be changed easily in this one.

In love on page 90 – Simply rated, this Afghan is in one piece, row by row. It consists of shell stitches and the designer used Red Heart Symphony thread in Lt Rose. It has a double knot edge at both ends. This Afghan looks soft like a summer breeze!

Dream Time Ripple on page 140 – A beautiful wave cover with cluster stitches. The designer used Red Heart Baby Light yarn (light worsted weight) in powder yellow, lime and a Laddie print. Very soft and pointy ripple. Rated as easy.

Giggles on page 142 – This is one for the little girl in your life. Made in flamingo pink and snow Bernat Satin yarn (worsted weight) and Bernat Bubbles bulky in Baby Bubble Pink. It is made in rows of direct current. First several white rows, followed by several pink rows. Then the special stitch row (v-st and cluster), which makes the row look like little flowers. These lines are repeated until the ceiling is the desired size. Then it is edged with the Baby Bubble Pink. Delightful and simply rated!

Grandma’s lullaby on page 150 – Beautiful baby blanket made from large granny squares in different colors. The designer used TLC Baby Amore medium weight (worsted) yarn in the colors rose, mint, yellow, orchid and white. Simply rated, this Afghan fits every child’s room!

Fun blocks on page 156 – Simple DC blocks in different colors. Sewn together in a fun pattern. The colors used were rice green, dark orchid, blue, cherry red, black and white. Simply rated, you will have this finished in no time!

The next book I’m going to talk about is 40 Favorite Wave Afghans – Leisure Art

Wine on the vine on page 5 – a winner of the first prize This beautiful ripple is made in a colorful plum and green, dk plum, dk green and tan. The brown ripple rows are spaced between the varig and plum rows. Makes a beautiful Afghan. There are grapes everywhere that look like grapes on the vine!

Snowman comb on page 7 – The perfect wave Afghan for the winter months! The waves are blue, blue and white. A number of squares are sewn onto the shaft, into which these cute little snowmen are incorporated. Then there are several other wave series. Simply admirable!

Romantic melody on page 15 – Soft and beautiful with flowing fringes for the edge. This ripple is made in rose and ecru and the DC front post gives this beauty definition!

Evergreen forest on page 25 – This wave is kept in deep green and white and shows evergreen trees through the waves of green and white! Great Christmas Afghan!

Daisy Border on page 33 – Waves of ecru, green, brown and a brown hue make these Afghans stand out. At each end there are hexagon motifs with an ecru daisy in the middle. Then more waves and all in one picot ecru. Very pretty blanket!

American waves on page 45 – DC wave series in red and white color blocks. About five wave blocks above are a series of blue squares with star centers. Then more red and white waves, another row of stars and more red and white waves. Very beautiful Afghan

Aztec sun on page 51 – a wave in the round! It’s just beautiful when you’re done! I have seen this in many color combinations and all are breathtaking! The pattern requires a round yellow ripple in the middle that drops to orange and then to red. then the yellow, orange and red are repeated and end with red about 60 inches in diameter

Rosebud on page 61 – Beautiful ripple with a K-hook in muddy green, light green and pink. There are muddy green waves, then a row of pink clusters, then more muddy green than another row of pink clusters, and so on and so on. Nice and warm!

Grandma’s ripple on page 63 – This ripple consists of 7 squares. Then rows of waves (one row of ecru, 2 rows of lilac, three rows of middle plum, 4 rows of dark plum, then middle plum, then lilac, then one row of ecru, then another square. This pattern continues until the Afghan is about a length reaches 62 “.

Azalea Lane on page 77 – Done in rows of ecru, rose, green, rose and green waves. A cluster stitch and a puff stitch give this beautiful Afghan a feeling of excellence. Great for the back of the sofa!

Sailboat party on page 79 – This is one that I want to do for our boat. There are rows of Lt blue that transition to naval waves. Which is a series of blocks that look like sailing boats (quilt-like pattern), then more navy to blue waves, then a board with blocks in the middle (another quilt pattern), then repeats again. Beautiful and looks difficult, but after reading the instructions several times, it seems really easy. For this pattern, it is worth buying the book!

Vibration on page 85 – When I see this wave, I think of my granddaughter Shannon! She loves these colors. This ripple consists of simple DC in dark blue, lime green and a colorful green and blue. Some of the colorful rows of waves consist of the loop stitch!

Mountain flowers on page 107 – Simple DC waves with rows of white petals between the dark green waves. Elegant! Finished in green, green, green and ecru.

Well, I think I’ve given you enough to think about in this article. I still have a few crochet books to discuss that I will make in future articles. Until then, have fun crocheting!