Evening tea

Evening tea

Anyone who knows me knows of my love for teas! When temperatures drop then there is nothing better than a hot tea, super tasty and aromatic – okay, maybe a hot chocolate is also perfect <3
On the other hand, teas have several nutrients and can do a lot of damage to your health, you know?

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I selected teas that I love to give you an idea of ​​some of the effects they can have on the body:
Green tea: Detoxifying action, combats cholesterol and helps to strengthen the immune system. It prevents several diseases, one of the most beloved ones!
Ginger tea: Great anti-inflammatory and helps a lot in digestion – perfect to take after a heavy meal in this cold.
Lemongrass Tea: It is ideal for when the flu is starting. It is great to relieve headaches, fever and even nausea. After all, the smell is delicious.
Lavender Tea: Soothing and bactericidal, it helps a lot in colic and even relieves headaches.
Chamomile Tea: Perfect for those who have insomnia or need a calming action. Since I was a child I love this classic tea!

I have also mentioned a few times how much I love kombucha tea and how well it does. In fact, there is a complete post here on the blog about him, see? This one is more difficult to do because you need a colony, but it’s worth a look!

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