Everyday Diet Weight Loss Made Easy: 5 Surprising Calorie Killers

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You dream of bread rolls with butter, elaborately decorated cupcakes or a pizza with extra cheese, but you hate sports? Fortunately, your everyday life already offers many surprising ways to burn calories …

It has always been a cherished wish: burn calories, lose weight without exercise and noticeable physical exertion. The question of whether this is actually possible is as much debated as the question of whether honey or sugar belongs in a good tea. At least there are some interesting approaches that can help you to give your dream weight a little boost – without actually having to master a sporty hurdle run.

Do you want to snack? Then take these snacks!

You can eat these snacks without a guilty conscience

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Please access: These snacks are less than 100 calories

Do you want to have a healthy and tasty snack without gaining weight? No problem at all with these low-calorie foods!

Calorie Killer # 1: Emotions Burn Calories

Emotions move us – and emotions actually move calories to say goodbye! Can you remember the last time you laughed so hard it hurt your stomach? There is hardly a better workout for the abs than an honest, hearty laughter. Ten minutes of laughter should burn 50 calories.

Surely you also know the feeling when in deep despair you just want to sob – that too can burn calories, but only around 15 in ten minutes. So let’s stay on the positive, laughing side of life.

Calorie killer # 2: With sex, the pounds melt away

Our goal was to lose weight without exercise, not without sweat. Because there is nothing wrong with having sex, for example. You can read it in many a women’s novel by Ildikó von Kürthy: In addition to dynamite for your love life, the new affair has given you one size less for free. But losing weight during sex is also possible in real life!

The men of creation burn up to four calories a minute during sex, women around three, as a study by the University of Montreal showed. So if you use the bed for lunches instead of hours of sleep, it definitely has the potential to become a fitness machine.

Calorie killer # 3: shop till you drop

You can shop for hours without symptoms of fatigue: Time flies by and there are always experiences of success and feelings of happiness. Viewed soberly, however, shopping means: repeatedly putting on and taking off, carrying bags and strolling through the city. Then the whole thing doesn’t sound like laisser faire at all. A study from Hawaii found that a calorie consumption of around 200 calories per hour is quite realistic.

Calorie Killer # 4: Eat Until Weight Loss

Eating is enjoyment and the satisfaction of needs, but eating can also burn calories. For one thing, the process of eating is strenuous for the human body: chewing, digesting and swallowing. That alone should have a calorie consumption of around 150 calories an hour favor. On the other hand, this can also be increased significantly: For example, processing kale soup is so strenuous for the human body that the calories consumed almost disappear at the moment of eating. Chili peppers also have a similar effect.

Again, this deal can help you shed a few pounds …

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Calorie Killer No. 5: Be careful with the calories

Do you not enjoy running the household? Perhaps that will change now, because many a chore in the household also has the potential to be a calorie killer. One of the frontrunners is vacuuming: up to 240 calories an hour should be possible. Consumption in gardening, such as mowing the lawn or pulling weeds, is similarly high. It is also worth putting in the dishwasher (150 calories per hour) or cleaning the windows (220 calories per hour).

Whether losing weight during sex, in the household or while shopping – even without exercise, one or two pounds can fall off.

This full-body workout really gets you going!

Main exercise: full body exercise

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