Everyday drink properly for more power in everyday life

Everyday drink properly for more power in everyday life

The concept of healthy eating is often only associated with food. It is just as important that you drink properly. No wonder, after all, the body is 70% fluid and only survives three days without drinking.

Drink properly

The rules according to which you drink properly are quickly mentioned: First of all, you should drink about three liters every day, since the body excretes the same amount through breathing, sweating and urine. Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink. Thirst is a warning sign that the fluid balance is already noticeably in the red. If you then drink larger quantities at the same time, that is not productive either, as the body cannot sensibly process more than half a liter at a time. So keep a glass of liquid close at hand throughout the day. But which drink is the right one?

Healthy drinks

The most important drink that you can drink almost indefinitely is of course water. Even if it tastes chalky from the tap, that’s not bad: Lime consists of calcium and magnesium and is therefore good for bones and teeth. But even without lime, water is good for blood circulation and metabolism, i.e. for the two basic conditions of mental and physical fitness. Tea is just as popular. With the exception of black tea, you can drink as much of this as you want without worrying. Green tea or herbal teas are particularly healthy. There are hardly any ailments that no herb can cure that you cannot find in an herbal tea.

Can you drink coffee “right”?

The most popular German office drink, coffee, is a controversial topic in contrast to tea. Is it harmful or healthy? Experts recommend drinking no more than two to three cups a day. Coffee removes fluids from the body, so you should drink a glass of water with every coffee.

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