Everyday food descriptions are imprecise

Everyday food descriptions are imprecise

The names of foods often do not match the contents of the packs. This is the conclusion of a nationwide study by consumer advice centers.

“The result of our survey is sobering,” explains Silke Schwartau, nutrition expert at the Hamburg Consumer Center. The study comprised 199 products and showed that many food descriptions are inaccurate or hidden. In some cases, the information is difficult to understand. ” The food suppliers are still stingy with the important information on their products, “explains Schwartau. The legal requirements were not complied with in 14 percent of the products examined. In some cases, the font size of the information was too small and in some cases relevant information was not on the front of the packaging and sometimes the name was euphemistic, for example in the case of a duck noodle snack with flavorings instead of meat or a selection of berries made from tea without real fruit. Buyers of such products cannot determine what is in the packaging from the name. For these reasons demand the consumer advocates now have clear names and a minimum font size of three millimeters for the product information on the packaging.

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