Everyday healing effects of water

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The healing properties of water were already known to the ancient Romans. They loved drinking mineral-rich water while relaxing in hot spas. Water promotes health in many ways and stimulates the circulation.

The healing effect of the water was used in the bathing rooms in northern and central Europe in the Middle Ages. Drinking water, water cures and cold compresses should activate the self-healing powers. The famous water doctor Sebastian Kneipp recommended pourings and compresses as well as wading in cold water. Today’s modern hydrotherapy is based on the Kneipp methods.

Water: a real fountain of youth!

The healing effect of hydrotherapy is based on alternating cold and warm water applications. Our circulatory and nervous system, metabolism, hormone release as well as skin and tissue react positively to the sudden temperature difference. Acute and chronic ailments such as inflammation or back pain are alleviated with alternating baths, compresses and pads. Balneotherapy relies on the health-promoting effect of the vital minerals in water during drinking cures and inhalations. The patients drink water from healing springs or breathe in the salty air in brine courses. The human body consists of 60% water, our brain 75% and our blood even 82%. Water supplies our cells with valuable nutrients and minerals and ensures that waste materials are removed. It is therefore vital that we drink enough water. Older people in particular drink too little. They often suffer from dangerous dehydration as a result. Drinking water regularly keeps you fit and prevents problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma and headaches. Doctors recommend that everyone should drink at least two liters of water daily.

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