Everyday life Become happy through eating

Everyday life Become happy through eating

Do you immediately get glassy eyes when you think about the crispy Sunday roast with your parents or the candlelight dinner with your loved one? Eating is not just about eating, it can make you happy.

Food has a lot to do with psychology. Are you not already looking forward to the crispy, warm breakfast rolls when you get up and are already in a good mood? Or don’t you enjoy grandma’s freshly baked Christmas stollen with nostalgic, homely feelings? But chemistry also plays an important role in making you feel happy while eating, as mundane as it sounds. This is particularly the case with sweet foods such as pies and cakes, sweet fruit and chocolate. Easily digestible carbohydrates cause an increase in the happiness hormone serotonin in our brain. In addition, “sweet” has stood for warmth and security since infancy, feelings that are firmly programmed into us. We feel completely at ease with sweets. The latest studies also show that high-energy food releases fewer stress hormones in tense situations.

Memories of food make you happy

The eating habits from childhood are with us for a lifetime. Do you remember the Sunday roast pork on the white table in the living room or the sweet steamed noodles on meatless Friday? These dishes are mostly associated with beautiful family impressions from earlier days and make you happy. Food can act like medicine. Omega-3 fatty acids in sea fish such as mackerel or herring have a mood-enhancing effect and are even said to alleviate depression. If you usually eat alone, you should reconsider this habit: Eating in company is more fun. Our southern neighbors are familiar with it, and the Mediterranean food culture is legendary for a reason. So eat yourself happily, and preferably with company.

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