Everyday life Important: a healthy and balanced breakfast

Everyday life Important: a healthy and balanced breakfast

Did you know that 60 percent of all Germans eat breakfast quickly outside the home? Only 40 percent treat themselves to breakfast at the table at home. A balanced breakfast is not only healthy, it also gives you the energy you need for the day.

It has been proven that people who have a healthy breakfast in the morning at leisure are less sick, less overweight and generally more productive. With the right breakfast, your energy stores, which were depleted overnight, can be recharged. And very important: A balanced breakfast prevents food cravings, which in turn is good for your line. However, you should enjoy the first meal of the day carefully. If you are a little overweight, stick to a maximum of 500 kilocalories. If you are one of the slim contemporaries, you can consume 200 kilocalories more. If you work physically, then you can safely put 1000 kilocalories on your plate.

Healthy breakfast: it’s all in the mix!

The main components of a balanced breakfast are high-fiber foods such as muesli and fruit. A low-fat yogurt or quark, some cheese and an egg go well with it. The latter quickly gets your brain going with its lecithin content and minerals. Treat yourself to a glass of milk, tea or fruit juice without sugar. If you prefer a sweet breakfast, you are perfectly right with a simple wholemeal bread plus jam of your favorite flavor. Carbohydrates in moderation provide the necessary energy for the brain and muscles. White flour products, corn flakes, pastries and fat sausages are not healthy and therefore taboo.

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