Everyday life With pepper against obesity

Everyday life With pepper against obesity

Black pepper can help minimize the risk of obesity. This is the result of a study by Korean scientists at Sejong University in Seoul.

In laboratory tests, the scientists created cultures of human cells and stimulated them to form fat cells. Then they observed how the fat cells grew in different carrier media. It turned out that the cells, the carriers of which were treated with the pepper spice substance piperine, grew significantly more slowly than others. It looks as if the piperine suppressed the genes that are responsible for the development of finished fat cells. Pepper only consists of about five to ten percent piperine, so the slimming effect of the spice is rather moderate. However, the researchers would like to try in the future to use concentrated piperine to combat severe overweight such as obesity and some metabolic diseases. Before that, however, further studies would have to be undertaken in order to substantiate the results so far. In addition, other substances were discovered in spices that seem to have a very similar effect to piperine on fat cells: Carvacrol and thymol are found in thyme, oregano and savory, and eugenol is found in clove and allspice oil.

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