Everything white: home office

Everything white: home office

I think everyone noticed a change in my style, don’t they? This transformation was not restricted to my closet and today I am much more a fan of minimalist decorations with few colors – and that does not mean that I have little life! One of my favorite corners when decorating in this style is the home office. We spent a lot of time in that space and a very strong color on the wall or super colorful and patterned objects gets tiring.
I decided to share with you my favorite clear references from this environment!

Photo – @ taylor.dbeauty

When white predominates, it is much easier to add colors to objects and specific furniture. A white background frame with more pastel colors, for example, is a great option to bring more joy to the space. In addition, different luminaires, murals and table organizers are excellent ideas to make the room look your own and without using colors.
To compose with all that white, I confess that I love playing metallic, black and light wood pieces. The contrast works very well, no mistake!

Photos – Decor8, Elin Kicken, HubPages, Pinterest, Brit + Co, My Scandinavian Home, My White Obsession and The Design Chaser

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