Everything you need to know about SXSW

Everything you need to know about SXSW

A lot of people were curious about our trip to Austin last month. I know that many doubts have arisen: what is SXSW? How to go to this event? Is too expensive?
I made this post to try to help you better plan your trip to this amazing festival!
Laura Mac Darby, left, and Emer Ryam, both from Dublin, Ireland, attended the free concert at the Auditorium Shores headed by Spoon at SXSW on Thursday, March 19, 2015. (AP Photo / Austin American-Statesman, Jay Janner)

Photo – AP Photo / Austin American-Statesman, Jay Janner

1 – How can I buy my pass for the event and which package is more worth it?
SXSW is divided into three main parts: Interactivity, Music and Cinema. You can either choose just one of the Badge, how to buy a package – it’s cheaper! The event website is super complete, just have an international card and buy what interests you most.
This year, Paulo and I went with YouTube and we were accredited in all three. The Patinum Badge (our package) gave us preference in some shows, that is, we didn’t need to take a giant line to buy – some shows are open to the general public, but not all.
As we are already planning for next year, we want to close a package with Interactive and Music. Despite loving cinema, it is very difficult to follow everything that is happening at the event. Anyone who wants to can also buy the Gold Badge, which gives access to the cinema content and interactivity of the event.
Those who are following the vlogs certainly saw us talking about the lectures on the part of technology and also about the most innovative – and crazy – creations of the event! It was super worth it to get into that part, because this is really our job.
The music festival is the most incredible and mind-blowing thing I’ve ever experienced! There are hundreds of incredible shows every day, it is difficult to decide which one to go to. The more options, the better!
Whether or not we can watch the movies on another occasion, so the lectures and shows took priority. Of course, anyone who is passionate about cinema may have loved and didn’t care about missing some Interactive lectures, but for us it wasn’t worth that much. distinctive.

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2 – And private events, how do they work?
In addition to what’s going on at SXSW, some companies are taking advantage of this time to host events in Austin. We went on some, like the Google Play party (full vlog).
Unfortunately, these events are not open to the public, just being invited – there is even a list on the door. Not even the Platinum Badge gives you access!
3 – What month should I buy the passes for?
The event is very organized and they already release sales of the next SXSW right after the closing. Today, they already have sales open for SXSW Eco.
You can buy in the month you prefer, but the scheme is batch: the sooner you buy, the cheaper.
4 – Is there any SXSW package that makes the trip more affordable, like hotel + pass?
The event has some partnerships with hotels in Austin, but in fact they only help you with the reservation. You need to be registered with SXSW for them to help you. Everything is fine on the site!
It is very important to do a good research on hotel prices and on Airbnb. I almost always stay in houses and apartments, but I confess that this time it was a lot of work to get something that didn’t cost that much. At this time of the year, prices rise dramatically in the city.
We saw dozens of houses in advance, but when the owner remembered that it was the time of SXSW he would send an email saying that the price had gone up from 100 to 1,300 dollars – I am not kidding, it is at that level !!
It may be better to stay in a hotel, see? And look, if you or a friend wants to get to know the city and you don’t have much interest in SXSW, don’t go then, it’s very expensive!
5 – How can I follow the events grid?
SXSW has a very good, super organized application. They post what will happen, time and place of the event per day. It is no use looking ahead, like before the trip to plan everything, because they may be making some more time adjustments! Paulo and I always looked the night before to program everything!
In the app you can “favorite” what interests you and that is already saved. After selecting everything you like, go to the favorites tab which is also organized by day, time, place and even duration of each event ?
As the SXSW is huge, you need to always be careful not to schedule lectures too far in a short period of time.
6 – How does transportation work?
You can do a lot on foot in the city, but if the time between one event and another is tight there are some guys who can take up to two people on bicycles. They’re super fast, but kind of expensive – like $ 10 a race!
In addition, I met a new service in the city, Lyft! It works more or less like Uber, the biggest difference is the price – it gets to be 4 to 5 dollars cheaper. The drivers are also more friendly and friendly, they usually work only during the event to earn extra money!
Another super cool thing about Lyft is that you can tip the app. When evaluating the race (up to 5 stars) you may or may not give your tip ?
7 – Is it worth it?
Who likes the subjects will love !! Paulo and I fell in love with SXSW because it mixes everything we love. In addition, the city vibe is incredible, super tasty and different.
It is certainly a very different trip from the one we usually take, but still wonderful! I highly recommend it!

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