Everything you need to know to rent a car abroad

Everything you need to know to rent a car abroad

An international trip requires planning and it is clear that some doubts arise during this process. In addition to the ticket and accommodation, thinking about the means of transport that will be used at the destination is one of the most important points.
In cities like New York, Paris and London, for example, it does not pay to rent a car because public transport is not lacking. However, renting a vehicle is indispensable in some other places in the world and on longer trips.

Everything you need to know to rent a car abroad

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As many of you are following our road trip on Route 66, there is nothing more fair than sharing some tips for not spending time or spending too much on renting a vehicle outside the country ?


Each country has its own laws so it is worth researching well, but most of them only allow car rentals for people over 21 and with at least 2 years of driving license. Some rental companies make exceptions for younger or less qualified drivers, but charge a fee.
As for documentation, it is advisable to make the International Driving Permit (PID). The document is issued by your state’s DETRAN and has the same validity as your National Driver’s License (CNH). If you plan to stay more than 180 days in one of the 130 countries that are part of the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic (see here), the document is mandatory.
Even so, our suggestion is to always carry a PID + CNH + identification document (passport) to avoid problems.


There are two websites that help a lot when it comes to comparing prices and booking cars at major rental companies such as Hertz, Sixt, Alamo, Avis, Europcar, Enterprise, among others. The first is the Rentalcars from the same group as Booking. In addition to providing options for the best known rental companies, they also locate regional companies. If you choose a smaller rental company, always do a search on TripAdvisor to see if it is well recommended.
A very positive point of Rentalcars is that, because it is the largest car price comparison company in the world, it has partnerships with several car rental companies and that is why you end up finding different discounts and promotions ?
Another cool site to search is Rentcars. The website is Brazilian, but it is possible to book cars in the main destinations in the world. In addition to telephone support in Portuguese, on the website it is possible to split the payment in 12X on the card and not pay the IOF.


Going in a group of 4 or taking a road trip with lots of luggage? Don’t give up on a big, comfortable car! In addition to the size of the car, it is always good to research the conditions of the roads and streets, after all, in some destinations a 4 × 4 is essential.
Another important point when choosing the model is to choose cheaper cars.


In addition to being cheaper, you do not run the risk of not finding the desired model at the time of withdrawal. Another very positive point is the possibility of an upgrade. If you do not have a car of the category you have reserved available at the store, you will get a superior model for the same price!
Despite all these advantages, the most important point of booking in advance is that you are not so vulnerable to falling into “pranks” and salesman chat, you know? So you avoid paying unnecessary fees or insurance.


Most rental companies already offer basic insurance against theft and damage to the vehicle, but always opt for one that also covers damage caused to third parties. This type of insurance is almost never built into the value, but at the time of rental it is worth paying a little more to avoid possible problems.
It is also legal to contract a plan with technical assistance of the rental company in case of breakdown, flat tires, loss of key …


As tired as you are when it is time to remove the car, be sure to make a complete inspection of the vehicle. If you find a scratch or beat, take pictures at the rental store and notify employees to avoid undue charges at the time of return.


Despite the seemingly more expensive value, it is better to opt for free mileage. When you choose the restricted one, you run the risk of paying the additional kilometers that are not cheap. In addition, it is always good to have the freedom to change the route without worrying about mileage.


To rent a car outside the country you will need an international credit card. It is important that the cardholder is one of the drivers of the vehicle or the person on the rental agreement. It is worth mentioning that when the reservation is made, the company will block a certain amount (deposit). This lock uses the card limit and will only be unlocked when the vehicle is returned.


Rental companies charge a fee for each additional driver and it is possible to add them at the time of booking. It is important to remember that the rules and documentation for the extra driver are the same.


Unless you get a promotion that allows you to return your car with an empty tank, it is important to always return your car with a full tank. If you do not return, the rental company will charge you for the extra tank that ends up being much more expensive than if you refueled yourself.
Phew, I think these 10 tips will help a lot who are planning an international trip! Do you have any more? Tell us in the comments ?

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