Everything You Need To Know To Travel By Motorhome

Everything You Need To Know To Travel By Motorhome

Who loves there car trips? I am always excited about the idea of ​​driving in unknown places and even enjoying the time between stops. In 2017, for example, Paulo and I fulfilled the dream of taking a trip through Route 66, in California. It was unforgettable and you can check out all our experience in the vlogs available on the channel.
Another desire that I always had was to explore a completely new place with a motorhome. Fortunately, we were able to fulfill this wish by
travel incredible for New Zealand. Oh, and for those who don’t know, a motorhome is that big, long vehicle with a rear cabin that works like a house. There are the kitchen, the bedroom and also the bathroom. It is all very small and tight, but it is that type of tour that yields many stories!
For a trip like this to work, you need to have good planning from the beginning. So if you’ve always wanted to drive around with a motorhome, you can get ready to write down all the tips that I will give now! Here on the site there is already a post with general information for
car trips, so this time I’m going to focus especially on the motorhome, okay?


Everything You Need To Know To Travel By Motorhome

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Is there anything better than making your own script and everything within your time? Unlike people who travel with travel agencies, with everything previously scheduled, the entire trip planning depends only on you. In addition, there is a freedom greater choice of tours, since you can adapt the tour according to your preferences. There is also no major concern with transportation, considering that your “home” is also your vehicle!
Although many people think that motorhome travel is more affordable than staying in a hotel, this is not quite the truth. The hosting of camps it is obviously cheaper. However, depending on the motorhome model, the rental price ends up being very close to that of a hotel. Therefore, if your intention is to save money, make the comparisons between the values ​​well. Anyway, trips in this style are unique and are worth it mainly for the experience ?

Motorhome rental

Everything You Need To Know To Travel By Motorhome

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As I have already mentioned to you, the rental price of the motorhome depends on the size and of available functions inside him. As Paulo and I always travel with lots of bags, we preferred the vehicle for 4 people (and still our bags were very tight!).
To find out which models, you will need to search for those available on the rental website of your chosen destination. In the case of New Zealand, for example, take a look at Maui Rentals and Jucy Rentals. Here in Brazil, one of the most recommended sites is Motorhome Trips!
Another precaution that must be taken is regarding the
safe of the motorhome. As much as it is an additional value, be sure to buy full vehicle insurance. Some problems along the way can be avoided, but unforeseen events always happen.


Everything You Need To Know To Travel By Motorhome

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Some countries ask for International Driving Permit (PID) to let you drive a vehicle, as in New Zealand. In addition, it is also necessary to have the driver’s license in category B, which is the one for 4-wheel vehicles. Also, don’t forget your passport and valid visas – basic documents for every international trip.
As much as not every place requires PID, I recommend that you take it off anyway. After all, our driver’s license is all in Portuguese and runs the risk of local authorities not accepting it. Better to go well prevented, right?

Trip planning

Everything You Need To Know To Travel By Motorhome

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This is the most important part of a trip, and also the one that requires the most work. First of all, you need to choose a destination that welcomes motorhome tourists. THE Canada, United States, Australia and New Zealand are some of the most common countries for those looking to take a trip like this. Another thing that must be taken into account is how many cities will be part of the itinerary. Avoid big cities and make a more alternative trip, knowing places that would not be so obvious.
Defining the complete tour itinerary is also important to calculate the
Gasoline, The Time between the stopping points and the amount of food sufficient for the time you will spend on the road. You also need to worry about the places to stop the motorhome at night. These spaces are called campgroungs and they are also used as a water supply station for the motorhome and sewage disposal. And yes, you are responsible for disposing of all vehicle waste!
Not all camps have this sewage disposal option (
drump station), so do it well beforehand. In addition, many functions of the car usually depend on the battery and you will need to charge it. Ah, if you want to bathe in a bigger place, choose a camping area with bathrooms.

Road conditions

Everything You Need To Know To Travel By Motorhome

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This tip is also part of the planning, but I thought it best to leave it separate as it is very important. Never do the script without first checking the road conditions and streets that will be part of your journey. Some places can be more dangerous than others, so be aware of the types of roads you will be traveling on and whether all of them are really open and functioning.
Another factor that must be taken into account in these cases is the climate. Some parts of the world have their roads frozen in very cold winter periods, for example. For this and other reasons, choose the time of year when the trip will be made so that unforeseen events like this do not occur.
As traveling by motorhome is not such a common experience for Brazilians, we also recorded a super complete video to answer other questions. If you were curious to know how the bathroom works, for example, just watch the vlog below!

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