Exclusive tips fitness trainer reveals: 5 mistakes that professionals would not make with a home workout

Exclusive tips fitness trainer reveals: 5 mistakes that professionals would not make with a home workout

The exit restrictions remain, so is the home office situation for many and we will continue to get fit in the living room for the time being: Time for home workouts! But in order for this to succeed, there are a few things to consider. What exactly? Marians Welt asked a fitness trainer.

From the bedroom to the bathroom, from there to the living room, in between to the children’s room or the kitchen, and back again in the evening – that is the maximum range of motion for many in times of the Corona crisis. For many, the previously hectic schedule turned into an acute lack of exercise within a few weeks. At the same time, the desire to get “in shape” for the (nonetheless) upcoming summer is growing. The result: Home workout offers are booming, YouTube training videos are reaching record numbers and online retailers are delighted with numerous fitness tool orders. But with all the motivation, caution is required!

Because, of all things, a lot can go wrong with home workouts – with unpleasant consequences. Sandra Mastropietro can also confirm this. The successful trail runner is not only a fitness trainer and specialist trainer for endurance sports, but also a brand ambassador for the “Sporting Women” initiative and known on the social web (Instagram: running.sandra) for her ingeniously simple ideas for training at home. Her more than 24,000 followers love her short clips, all of which show that you don’t need professional equipment to get fit in your own four walls. Pillows & Co. are also perfect! She also proves this during the Corona crisis with the sports brand Salomon in live workout sessions on Facebook (pssst: the warm-up begins at 14 minutes in the following clip!).

But what should you watch out for when you train all alone at home instead of with a trainer, course & Co.? The expert gives a helpful overview for Marians Welt – for beginners and advanced users!

1st mistake: training too one-sided – and too hard

For visible success it is important to train all body regions equally – also in home workouts. If our muscle cells are not needed, they atrophy. However, this also means: especially in times of low activity, it is important that we challenge them regularly. The topmost rule: Don’t overdo it – even if the setup between the couch and the TV almost makes us forget that we are doing sports.

Especially at the beginning I recommend training with your own body weight. As funny or wondrous as it may sound to one or the other, such an arm or a leg can be quite heavy, “explains Sandra Mastropietro. She also advocates regular breaks. “They do not diminish the workout, but give added value. The body tries to relieve the tired muscles out of a natural protective instinct and then adopts a ‘bad posture’ for protection. “

2. Mistake: Refrain from warm-up and stretching

Sure, of course it looks weird (even for the neighbors) when you trip on the spot in the middle of the living room or do jumping jacks. But it is essential and therefore always integrated in good workout sessions. “A warm-up is important – for the cardiovascular system as well as for the muscles and the head. The whole body adjusts itself to the impending stress. ”

The situation is a little less clear when stretching / stretching after the workout. Some swear by it, others not, others recommend that it depends on personal feelings whether it has to be. There is no clear scientific evidence of the effectiveness; Psychologically, on the other hand, it can be helpful to end the workout holistically. “This is where the minds of training science intersect. If you ask ten trainers, you probably get ten answers,” explains Sandra Mastropietro. “It’s good for me to do it every now and then, but not after every training session. I stretch about once a week, always in conjunction with mobilization and fascia training.”

In the video: A full body stretching for your muscles

Warm up: full body stretch

© perform better; perform better

Mistake 3: Forget the perfect after-workout food

A holistic training unit also includes nutrition – especially before and after the workout. Training successes can be pushed as a result. And many a home office pillow disappears even faster with the right food. “After exercise, there is a so-called ‘open window effect’ in which the body utilizes nutrients particularly efficiently due to the stimulated metabolic process, “explains Sandra.

She recommends: “Quark or yogurt – because protein supports the muscles in the regeneration process – with fruit, i.e. vitamins for the immune system, and a few nuts and / or seeds that are rich in carbohydrates and omega fatty acids.” The optimal drink after training can also be enriched with an electrolyte tablet to restore the body’s salts that it has lost through sweating.

In the video: The 5 best foods to eat after exercising

The 5 best foods to eat after exercising

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4. Mistake: Investing in unnecessary equipment – and not having the right one at hand

Setting up the gym at home can be costly. No need, because we don’t need that much to get in shape! Sandra Mastropietro has favorite tips ready for those who are willing to invest in a few gadgets: “I love resistance bands. They are easy and versatile to use. For example when brushing your teeth: while you brush with your hands, your feet can work against the resistance. It also makes sense to invest in a good fitness mat. Those who do sports at home spend many sweaty hours on it. So it shouldn’t absorb odors too easily and it should also be non-slip. “

5th mistake: To be ashamed of something – whether indoors or outdoors

After all: under certain conditions we can still do sports outside. And so it is above all running that is enjoying growing popularity. As a beginner you shouldn’t have one thing above all: shame. “Everyone started at some point. Walking breaks are okay, “says professional runner Sandra.

“If you have to take a break from walking, concentrate on your breathing and look for a point along the route where you can start running again. I also started running myself by jogging from lantern to lantern.” Another tip from the expert: replace one jogging unit per week with a strengthening workout. “That makes sense for the structures in the body. After all, you should all be able to run healthy and injury-free.”

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