Exercise Weight Loss When is the Most Effective Time to Exercise?

Exercise Weight Loss When is the Most Effective Time to Exercise?

Do you prefer to train in the morning or in the evening? Everyone here has their own special preferences. But what is the best time to train? We’ll tell you the best time to lose the pounds!

The question of the best time to exercise to lose weight remains unanswered. Although studies confirm the usefulness of both times of the day for different reasons, you cannot assume any generally applicable answer in this case.

However, medical professionals, personal trainers and fitness bloggers all agree on one point: If you want to train properly and make your body strong and healthy, you have to listen to your personal preferences and your own biorhythm. And yet there are certain advantages and disadvantages that can be associated with the morning and evening exercise routine.

1. The morning workout

Your body is rested

While you sleep, your body works at full speed to regain your strength and recover from the previous day. So while you sleep, your muscles regenerate and your body feels fresh and ready for a workout the next day. The quality of your sleep naturally plays a major role here. The best thing to do is to turn off all electronic devices such as cell phones, televisions and computers an hour before bed. Don’t forget to do a proper warm-up before your exercise session. If you train first thing in the morning, you don’t have to worry about incidents during the day messing up your schedule and not making it to exercise or being too tired.

You’re running on the back burner

If we’re honest, some of us aren’t morning people, no matter how hard we try. Various reasons can play a role here, late work and little sleep are the primary reasons these days. So you will hardly be able to really give 100 percent during your workout. Some even report that they feel tired after a morning workout around noon and that further performance is all the more difficult.

Studies show that morning exercise improves nightly sleep. The deep sleep phase, which is important for recovery, is improved through exercise. Another plus point is the increased fat consumption. Exercising on an empty stomach in the morning burns more fat. A plus point when losing weight!

Tired of going to the gym? Here are the best workouts to do at home!

Not in the mood for the gym?  With these simple exercises you can move your workout into the living room at home.

Tired of going to the gym?
The 6 best exercises to do at home

Spending hours in the gym – it doesn’t have to be! We’ll show you the most effective moves for your dream body in your own four walls.

2. The evening training

You’re awake and ready to go

Even if your body is regenerated in the morning, it can only be really prepared for sport later in the day. Your body is awake enough from everyday life and all the activities that you have to do and also strengthened by meals. Many athletes prefer the evening workout because they have more energy in comparison. This can be due to the fact that our endurance and strength levels are highest between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Your muscles are warmed up better and you are more flexible. In addition, studies have shown that the calorie consumption is higher in the afternoon exercise – this is important for losing weight. If you want to gain strength, you should also train in the afternoon. In the morning the stress hormone cortisol is at its highest point – it inhibits protein synthesis, so your muscles cannot grow and regenerate.

It can relax or scratch – depending on the type

After a stressful day, it can be difficult to relax in the evening. Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress and ventilate. Exercise also releases happiness hormones and you can always need happiness hormones.

Excessive training in the evening can also get your circulation going again, depending on whether you are a morning or evening type. So you may be at risk of having trouble sleeping. So always plan enough time to sleep before starting a new day.

If you want to perform well during the day, you should have a decent breakfast. Here you will find the groceries for the perfect breakfast.

Muesli with fruits lets you start the day fresh and healthy.

A healthy start to the day
5 foods for the perfect fitness breakfast

With this delicious breakfast you will get a fresh energy boost that will last for a long time.

How about losing weight now?

In order to lose weight in a really healthy way over the long term, neither a miracle cure nor a diet will help you. Only a negative energy balance (i.e. the energy consumption must be less than the energy consumption of the body) can lead to weight loss. In order to tap into fat stores, the body must learn to convert fats into energy. A balanced combination of diet and exercise or sport is important here.

So which sport will melt the pounds off? Everyone!

Many people consciously exercise in order to lose weight. A combination of regular endurance sport and strength training not only lets you shed the kilos, but also tightens the body in a targeted manner in isolated places. Every kind of sport stimulates the burning of fat, trains the condition and muscles. Classic endurance sports are running, cycling, skating, swimming or walking. The following applies: always with the right intensity for your individual needs and the longer, the better.

Since the focus is on losing weight, one or the other forgets how important strength training can be for healthy weight loss. Every muscle that is built up here burns the extra energy in the future. The fat is attacked from two sides, and you can tackle your personal problem areas more intensively through individual exercises.

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