Experts confirm coffee melts fat

Experts confirm coffee melts fat

Whether in the morning to wake up or after lunch to combat lunchtime depression: Many indulge in one or more cups of coffee a day. Researchers have now confirmed in a study that this is not harmful to health, but also good for losing weight.

Coffee is not only delicious, it also helps you lose weight. British researchers have confirmed this. In a study that was published in the journal “Scientific Reports”, they examined the effect of caffeine on human adipose tissue.

Above in the video: 10 tips for maximum fat burning!

The result? Coffee virtually melts fat tissue. We humans have different types of adipose tissue. The two main groups are the white fatty tissue, which we use to store energy, and the brown, thanks to which we can produce heat. And the latter apparently burns faster thanks to coffee.

By the way: Do you drink more than three cups a day? Never mind, as a study now shows!

According to studies, increased coffee consumption has no effects on the cardiovascular system.

Study shows
Even 25 cups a day is okay: Coffee isn’t as harmful as previously thought

Good news for coffee drinkers! A British study has shown that the increased consumption of coffee is far less harmful to the cardiovascular system than previously thought.

The caffeine in coffee ensures that a certain protein in the brown adipose tissue is better converted into heat, i.e. it virtually melts.

But please drink the right coffee!

The scientists were not only able to test the effect on cell cultures in the laboratory, it could also be demonstrated in humans. To do this, nine participants had to drink either coffee or water on an empty stomach. In the coffee drinkers, the researchers were able to demonstrate a stronger heat development.

Before you run to the coffee machine: It is not yet clear whether this effect is due to the caffeine or whether other ingredients may be involved.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a few cups of coffee a day. If you want to lose weight, it is only important that you do not pour kilos of sugar into your latte macchiato. If you want to save calories, you should prefer black coffee, because thanks to milk and sugar, the cup in the afternoon will otherwise quickly become a calorie bomb.

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