Extraction Methods: Siphon

Extraction Methods: Siphon

Hi guys!
Lately we’ve been talking a lot about extraction methods around here. In the previous weeks we talked about the Melitta filter holder, the French Press or French press and Moka, that friendly and easy-to-use Italian coffee maker. I didn’t even reach half of the guide on methods and I can already say that there is coffee for all tastes.
Today we are going to talk about the Siphon and if, like me, you also associate that word with that hose that is hidden under the kitchen or bathroom sink, today is the day to change our concepts! ?
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To quickly explain how this method works, I can say that the water is placed in the bottom container and heated, while the coffee powder and filter are on the top. When the water boils, the pressure difference between the two containers causes the water to pass from the bottom to the top (it seems magic but it is science, ha). After the time of brewing, the coffee is pushed down by gravity and pressure difference, passing through the filter and leaving very clean on the other side.
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I need to confess that I have no experience with this method of extraction, as it is an equipment especially expensive in times of dollar to more than 4 reais. In fact, if someone out there has a siphon and wants to invite me to learn how to use it, coffee and prose are up to me. :))
In wandering and researching around, I gathered information about recipes from reliable sources and came to a starting point to prepare coffee using this method. Any feedback on the recipe is welcome, okay? Come on!
Proportion: 66g / l (ratio of approximately 1 part of coffee to 15 of water, or 1:15). This means that for 300ml of water you will use 20g of coffee.
Coffee grinding: medium to medium fine (slightly finer than the grind used for Melitta, Hario and the like).
Preparation mode:

  1. Grind the coffee just before you start preparing the drink. Remember to weigh it before preparation, so that you can repeat or correct your recipe next time.
  2. Scald the filter with boiling water and attach it to the top of the siphon, being careful to cover the entire surface of the filter holder.
  3. Add the boiling water to the bottom container and place it on a heat source, assembling the upper part of the equipment next. Leave the water in contact with the upper chain for a few seconds (so that it makes some bubbles) and finish fitting;
  4. When the water passes into the upper container, add the coffee and stir. The objective of this step is to saturate the coffee completely and evenly so that there is a perfect extraction. Let stand for 45 seconds and stir again.
  5. Then, remove the containers from the heat source (being careful not to burn yourself) and wait for the coffee to come down. Your coffee is ready, but it is recommended to wait about 5 minutes before drinking to let it cool down a bit.

Preparation time: 3 to 5 minutes
extraction-methods-cafe-siphon-chantellegrady-ickfdSource: chantellegradyblog.com
I separated a video from the website Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters explaining (in English) how to use the siphon. Intelligentsia is an incredible cafe that has a few stores across the United States, and their blog also has lots of cool coffee texts (of course not as much as ours, hehe).
[vimeo]8977253[/vimeo]A hug and happy siphon to everyone!

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