Eyebrow Correction: Which Products to Use?

Eyebrow Correction: Which Products to Use?

They say that good skin leaves any makeup amazing, but let’s agree that eyebrows are also essential? It is no coincidence that I have even done micropigmentation on mine and, look, it was one of the best things in life. Before, I spent a good few minutes of my day just correcting those flaws that insisted on showing up.
Although my “care” with my eyebrows was getting smaller and smaller, I thought it was worth sharing with you my favorite products for this region ?


Eyebrow Correction: Which Products to Use?

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For me, there is no better combo than a wax and a brown shade (opaque, of course). Currently, this is the type of product I use most in my day to day because the effect is supernatural. A shade of the right color already works very well to correct small flaws, however, the wax underneath helps to better fix the product.


Eyebrow Correction: Which Products to Use?

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I confess to you that I have used the product less, but I still think it is worth mentioning. That’s because the pencil is a great ally when correcting major flaws. The tip is to invest in a product with a fine tip that gives much more precision. Try not to weigh your hand and make very thin and light strokes imitating your natural hair ?


Eyebrow Correction: Which Products to Use?

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If your problem is the lack of volume, masks are great options! Currently, there are specific products for this region with smaller and more rounded applicators. In addition to smoothing out the flaws, the product is also great for keeping the wires in place.
For those who prefer to correct their eyebrows with shadows and / or pencils, it is still worth betting on a colorless mask to “fix”.


Eyebrow Correction: Which Products to Use?

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The tiny beveled brush is the indispensable accessory when it comes to eyebrows. There is nothing better to apply eyeshadow and, since you are going to invest in a specific accessory, I think it is worth looking for an option with a brush on the other end. This is because the brush helps to straighten the hair when necessary and is also a great ally when it comes to “smudging” the eyeshadow and / or pencil.


Eyebrow Correction: Which Products to Use?

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Finally, I also do not give up lighting the lower part of the eyebrows. This little detail highlights the look and the best part is that it doesn’t have much secret to apply. Just use an illuminator or a light shade in the region ? Aah, prefer the shades of beige for a more natural effect – run away from white!


I confess that currently I have only used Benefit’s eyebrow line, which, by the way, is very complete. One of my favorite products, the 3D-Browtones mask (color 04), unfortunately is not available here in Brazil. Of course, I went after a similar version and found this one from Maybelline to be a great substitute (and even more affordable).
I hope you like my suggestions and feel free to indicate more products in the comments. I will love to know other lines and products for this area ?
Eyebrow Correction: Which Products to Use?
1- Brow Drama Maybelline at Época Cosméticos – R $ 39,10
2- Benefit Brow Zings at Sephora – R $ 176.00
3- Mineralize Eye Shadow (Duo) / Color: Love Connection by MAC – R $ 79.00
4- Benefit Eyebrow Pencil Precisely, My Brow Pencil by Sephora – R $ 129,00
5- Benefit Angled Brow Brush & Spoolie Brush from Benefit at Sephora – R $ 109.00

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