Eyelash extensions (first) use, durability, costs

Eyelash Extension Procedure. Woman Eye with Long Eyelashes. Lashes. Close up, macro, selective focus

Eyelash extensions (or eyelash extensions) are trendy. The artificial wow eyelashes set your eyes perfectly in scene. Long, dense and perfectly curved lashes in the morning after getting up and without having mascara – that just sounds seductive. You can find out exactly how the eyelash extension works, how long it lasts and what it costs here. Plus: We tell you what options you have if you want a natural eyelash extension!

How does an eyelash extension work?

Eyelashes for eyelashes are attached to your natural lash line with a (skin-friendly) special glue. Of course you won’t see the glue after it has dried. The fake eyelashes are black and very elastic. You can choose between different lengths, thicknesses and curvatures and thus create your desired eyes or have your natural eyelashes compacted with false eyelashes.

But how long does an eyelash extension take? For the so-called “first treatment” you should plan one to two hours. If later only individual artificial eyelashes are filled in, the treatment takes correspondingly shorter. Eyelash extensions offer cosmetic and special eyelash studios, such as the Luxuslashes Lounges with five locations in Germany and Austria. How exactly an extension of the lashes works, you can see in the following video:

These are the advantages of laser extensions

One of the biggest advantages of eyelash extensions is clearly the perfect look that you have right after you get up! Due to the beautiful and long eyelashes, you have a great eyelash curl and optically larger eyes. In the morning you definitely save yourself time in the bathroom. After showering, all we have to do is apply a foundation or powder, draw eyebrows and that’s it!

The artificial eyelashes always look like they have been freshly washed. In summer, of course, the lashes also have the advantage that we always make up without makeup and despite high temperatures. The mascara cannot smudge and we can hop into the water, together with our irresistible eyes.

Artificial eyelashes have these disadvantages

The disadvantage of eyelash extensions, however, is that we have to do without our oily creams with the extensions. Caution should also be exercised with sun creams. If oil gets on the lashes, the glue may dissolve and we may lose more eyelash extensions faster. The eyelashes last on average between two to four weeks.

This means that the refill must also take place after these two to four weeks – a lot of money that we invest in the extensions. As soon as the eyelashes fall out slowly, a few gaps are visible, which can be really annoying until you can fill the gaps again. Often you have to schedule your appointment with your beautician in advance, as she may have a full calendar.

How are the luxury lashes best cared for?

As already mentioned above, care must be taken to use oil-free beauty products. Many skip the eye area during their make-up removal routine, for fear that the glue can separate from the eyelashes more quickly. But that’s a big mistake! In the worst case, bacteria and mites can accumulate. As a rule, there is no inflammation from the dirt that accumulates there.

We strongly recommend an eyelash shampoo, such as what was made on a plant basis, for around 16 euros. As usual, the luxury lashes should be cleaned daily. Carefully rub the lashes. This is the only way you can be sure to remove the dirt thoroughly and still not damage your synthetic eyelashes.

Can I wear artificial eyelashes permanently?

We keep reading about “permanent” or “permanent” eyelash extensions, but the name is misleading. An eyelash extension does not last for life, because your eyelash hair falls out (like your hair) naturally and with them also the luxury lashes. Further disadvantages: an eyelash grows between four and six weeks and can then remain in the so-called resting phase for a few weeks before it fails.

For this reason, the suppliers recommend having the eyelashes refilled every two to four weeks (“refill”) so that the eyelashes continue to look evenly thick. In addition, eyelash extensions can become very expensive in the long run. So think carefully beforehand whether the costs of such treatment are worth it in the long term! In the long run, extensions can actually be harmful to our natural eyelashes – but only if the lash studio applies the extensions incorrectly or gives the customer incorrect advice before treatment.

The result speaks for itself before (left) and after (right) eyelash extensions

What do I have to consider after eyelash extensions?

Swimming, sauna, sport – no problem. Only in the first 48 hours after the eyelash extension your eyelash extensions must not come into contact with water. Creams & Co. are also taboo at this time, because the adhesive only fully hardened after two days.

So that your XXL eyelashes last as long as possible, you should use fat and oil-free cosmetic products and do not rub around your eyes and eyelashes. If you want to use mascara in spite of fake eyelashes, it is best to use only the tips and not the eyelash roots. But you usually don’t need to wash your luxury lashes.

Caution: Waterproof mascara can loosen the eyelash glue of your synthetic eyelashes.

The eyelash extension is also suitable for contact lens wearers. If you are tired of your eyelash extensions, you can wait until the eyelashes fall off by themselves or have the artificial eyelashes removed by your beautician.

We also strongly advise against the eyelash curler. Because with the eyelash curler you can not only destroy your fake eyelashes, but also break your own eyelashes.

How much does an eyelash extension cost?

An eyelash extension costs between 90 and 340 euros the first time, depending on the density of your eyelashes (for luxury lashes, for example, you have to plan for 240 euros). Because how many eyelashes we have varies from woman to woman. Between 150 and 250 fine hairs grow on the upper eyelid, and only around 50 to 150 eyelashes on the lower eyelid.

The prices for filling depend on the number of eyelashes to be filled and are on average between 50 and 80 euros (90 euros for luxury lashes). As beautiful as the result is, the eyelash extension is unfortunately an expensive pleasure. If the eyelash extension is too expensive for you, you can try a natural eyelash extension or eyelash lift.

How do I recognize a good eyelash studio?

Professional eyelash studios initially offer you an extensive consultation. In a joint exchange, you determine the eyelash look that suits you. Of course, it depends on what your natural eyelashes are made of, because professional eyelash studios strive not to damage your natural eyelashes. Another point are regular refill appointments, which a good studio also offers. There all the eyelash extensions that you have failed will be replaced.

How do I recognize bad eyelash extensions?

Not every cosmetic studio that offers eyelash extensions works professionally. Unfortunately, we have often heard from friends and acquaintances that not everyone has the trade. Either was used too much eyelash glue or the wrong adhesive. We explain to you how you can recognize a bad and unprofessional eyelash extension!

  • Your eyelash extensions keep twisting. This is most likely due to the fact that your own eyelashes, the artificial eyelashes, cannot wear because they are too heavy.
  • You lose too many eyelashes in the first few days. Do you have the feeling that you need an appointment to refill after just a week because you have already lost too many eyelashes? That shouldn’t make sense. As a rule, it is recommended to top up every three to four weeks.
  • The eyelash extensions feel hard. Do you have the feeling that the fibers feel too hard and bristly, and do they sometimes interfere? Then the wrong extensions were definitely used for the extension. As a rule, the artificial eyelashes should be as light and soft as if they were your own.
  • Are you losing too many of your own eyelashes? That speaks for dirty work. Have you often noticed that suddenly two or three of your own are attached to an artificial eyelash? Then you should definitely change the Lashes stylist!
  • The eyelashes were glued to the upper eyelid. The eyelashes stick to the skin of your upper eyelid instead of on the natural eyelash? Unfortunately, that cannot be. Because the artificial eyelash sticks to both your skin and your own eyelash. Your own eyelashes grow every day. But when the artificial eyelash is attached to the skin, it prevents your own eyelash from growing.

Our experience with eyelash extensions!

Victoria from the editorial team recently had an eyelash extension made with artificial hair, so she would like to explain her experience with artificial eyelashes to you here. It was important to her that she had the lashes done in a good eyelash studio. She read reviews online and quickly learned how to identify bad eyelash extensions and how to properly process glue and eyelashes. In the studio of her choice, the exact look she wanted to achieve was first discussed.

The volume technique, which is aimed at a very dense, voluminous eyelash fan, is rather something for a glamorous appearance, so she opted for natural-looking eyelash extensions with the individual technique. This also looks good in everyday life and in the office and is not too much.

The beautician prepared everything and shortly afterwards began to put the many small artificial eyelashes on her eyelash wreath with a transparent adhesive and using tweezers. The whole procedure took a little over an hour and didn’t hurt at all. Finally she was allowed to open her eyes again and blinked in the mirror.

The result was unusual, but pretty. Overall, Victoria reported that her eyelashes lasted a little over three weeks and gradually fell out during this time. However, that was not particularly bad, since the eyelashes looked very natural due to the slow falling out of the artificial eyelashes. She was also relieved that she did not have broken eyelashes after the eyelash extension. That was her big fear!

By the way: If you think you can easily make an eyelash extension yourself, we have to disappoint you at this point. It takes a lot of practice, skill and professional knowledge. At least if the eyelash extensions should look nice.

Is there a natural eyelash extension?

Is there a natural eyelash extension?

If you are afraid of the dangers of an eyelash extension, you can also try a natural eyelash extension. Special eyelash serums should help to extend the natural eyelashes. Whether from RevitaLash, Talika or Alverde: options are like sand by the sea. A special composition of the ingredients stimulates the growth of the eyelashes.

Your natural eyelashes grow thicker and longer, but it is genetically predetermined for everyone how long their eyelashes can be. In addition, the eyelashes only grow more extreme as long as the eyelash serum is used. Eyelash serums cost between 10 and 90 euros. If you want to see quick success, you can also use artificial eyelashes.

In the meantime, there are even numerous fake lashes made of real hair – these look more natural and thus create an irresistible eyelash curl. No matter whether you want a voluminous eyelash curl or a more natural one.

Color eyelashes

Eyelash coloring can also upgrade your eyes. Full dark eyelashes also emphasize the eyes. The combination of eyelash serum and eyelash coloring is ideal for anyone who does not want to undergo eyelash extensions. Colored eyelashes also look more natural because the individual hairs do not stick together with too much mascara.