Eyescream: eyes on ice cream

In search of innovation in marketing an already popularized (and loved!) Product such as ice cream, a Spanish company created Eyescream and friends. The invention? Well, the name itself says. A couple of sugar eyes is what makes your ice cream cuter and more attractive. In the store, other desserts are served, such as cupcakes – also with eyes. The gelateria makes more than eight flavors of ice cream. Among them are Cheesecake, Vanilla, Chocolate and Yogurt. For lactose intolerants, the options are Strawberry, Mango and Watermelon sorbets. Nhami!
To accompany the gelatos, it is possible to add two types of toppings, which combine with any of the flavors. Just try it! Altogether there are eight options, such as Chocolate, Sweet Milk, Passion Fruit, Strawberry and Condensed Milk. To finish the (why not?) Work, the pair of sugary eyes are available. Then you can enjoy the mixture of flavors. Unfortunately, Eyescream and friends only have a store in Barcelona, ​​but I think that soon fashion will spread to the four corners of the world, eager for sweet news.
The gelateria website is under construction, but Facebook is active. Check there!
Do you think the idea would work here in Brazil? Comment down here ?

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