Fact Check The Truth About Coconut Oil

Fact Check The Truth About Coconut Oil

First highly praised, then fallen deeply – is coconut oil healthy or not? We’ll investigate this question and tell you whether you can really lose weight with coconut oil.

Take coconut oil, it’s so healthy! You lose weight with ease! We have all heard this and other sentences before. But what is true about the myth of coconut oil? Is it the savior of the diet industry or, on the contrary, is it even harmful to our health?

Coconut oil – that’s in there

Coconut oil is made from ripe coconuts. As a natural product, it can be consumed straight away or used for other purposes. Coconut oil has around 900 calories per 100 grams. It does not contain any fiber, proteins, vitamins or carbohydrates.

Health and coconut oil: what speaks for it

Coconut oil has positive effects on your health. The University Hospital Graz writes in a press release that coconut oil contains lauric acid. This saturated fatty acid has an antibacterial and also against viruses. In addition, coconut oil should have a positive effect on fat and brain metabolism, as various studies have shown.

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Superfood ginger

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However, this effect of coconut oil on the organism has not been precisely documented and should therefore be consumed with caution, according to the experts. Doctors advise not to use coconut oil exclusively, but to supplement it with other healthy oils. These include pumpkin and olive oil. In contrast to coconut oil, these contain many unsaturated fatty acids.

When it comes to body care, you can safely use coconut oil products. On the one hand they are used for skin and hair care, on the other hand you can also use them to reduce the effects of insect bites and bruises.

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Nutella & Co. are more harmful than expected

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Health and coconut oil: what speaks against it

Coconut oil is only partially suitable for losing weight, because it contains mostly saturated fat. You can also find these in bacon or butter. Your body needs saturated fat because the brain is mostly made up of cholesterol and saturated fat. Still, you shouldn’t consume too much of it.

Coconut oil now has a reputation as a savior for all health problems. “This is all complete nonsense,” says medical doctor Karin Michels during a lecture. Coconut oil is one of the worst foods you can ever consume, according to the professor who works in Freiburg and at the elite Harvard University.

The reason for this statement lies in the saturated fat. According to Michels, these dramatically increase the risk of a heart attack. The “American Heart Society” also recommends avoiding coconut oil for the sake of the heart.

If you like the taste of coconut oil, then you can use it in the kitchen in combination with other oils in moderation – it also has health-promoting ingredients. But it is not suitable for weight loss or as medicine for all sorts of ailments.

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