Fake Fur Coats: How to Wear and Where to Find?
Fake fur coats how to wear and where to find

Fake Fur Coats: How to Wear and Where to Find?

I know there are a few good months left until winter and the temperatures drop once and for all, but since next season’s collections have already dominated stores, I decided to talk about one of my favorite pieces at the coldest time of the year: the fake fur coat !

Photo: @tezzamb

Warm, cozy, stylish … There’s nothing I don’t love about this type of model! And if you think this is a very “wandering” trend, know that you can bring casualness to the look even with such a coat.


If you have never used a coat of this type, I suggest starting with the most basic colors. Black, caramel and off-white are super-curing tones and if you are still unsure, it is worth using an all monochromatic look or with similar tones. Aah, if the intention is to lengthen the silhouette, prefer longer models ?


Photos: Chris Norman via Pinterest and Asos

For those who are more daring it is also worth mixing more textures in the look. Knitting underneath, for example, already leaves the production with another face. Another combo I love is the jacket with leather pants (fake too, of course). The rocker look is beautiful and, even all of the same tone, is super modern.


Now, of course, I would not stop talking about the most daring pieces! Colorful models, with vibrant prints and even animal print (love it!) Are excellent options to create an impact look. You don’t even have to worry about the rest of the look, after all, it will be the highlight!


Despite finding many more options in travel, I was super happy to find options in Brazilian e-commerce and with a price not so absurd. As you may imagine, this is not that cheap piece, but even so I think it is worth investing in at least one. In addition to keeping you warm, the jacket removes any bland winter look from the obvious ?

1- FiveBlu Coat by Beige at Dafiti – R $ 139.90
2- Block Fur Coat at Renner – R $ 299.90
3- Hora de Diva Pelo Preto Jacket at Dafiti – R $ 459.90
4- Pink Fur Coat in Riachuelo – R $ 229.90
5- Coat by Amissima’s Savage – R $ 263.96
6- Black and Off White Fur Coat from the Pop Up Store at Farfetch – R $ 599.00
7- Black Fur Coat from the Pop Up Store at Farfertch – R $ 559.00
8- Maria Filó Stripes Jacket at Shop2gether – R $ 429.00
9- Diva’s Hour Jacket Stretched by the Off White at Dafiti – R $ 299.90
10- Jacket by Synthetic Sign Launches Perfume at Zattini – R $ 548.50

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