Falling Weight When you make these mistakes in the morning, you gain weight

Falling Weight When you make these mistakes in the morning, you gain weight

It is always the same: If we want to lose our pounds, it seems as if the pointer has grown firmly on the scales. Neither a half-day diet nor carbohydrate waiver show any noticeable changes. The main problem is usually a wrong morning routine – which influences the decisions of the rest of the day. What is that? You can find out here.

You sleep too long

We already know that too little sleep promotes weight gain, because, for example, metabolism and cholesterol levels suffer. But the opposite is also the case: Those who sleep more than ten hours should possibly have a higher BMI than comparable persons with seven to eight hours of sleep.

You don’t make your bed

This is not about a decent bed reducing weight. But it does indicate a couple of good properties. For example, that you are disciplined enough to pack yourself a healthy break box. Or keep an eye on the daily number of calories.

this way you burn calories easily

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You prepare yourself in the dark

Sunlight not only fills your vitamin D stores on. The brightness in the morning also awakens your metabolism, which immediately starts burning energy. Allegedly, 20 to 30 minutes of morning light should be enough to have a positive effect on the BMI.

You avoid the scales

Studies have shown that those who weigh themselves every day also lose weight more easily or maintain their weight. The best time to do this is in the morning. Then you not only weigh the least, you can also act immediately when the weight has increased a little.

You save on breakfast

The first meal of the day is – ideally – breakfast. And in times of dieting, calories are saved right away. Totally wrong! Because then the cravings break in on you much earlier and accompany you all day. Do you eat your fill, you have lower levels of the appetizing hormone ghrelin after every meal. And that saves more calories a day overall.

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