Falsifying the examination You must never do this before going to the doctor!

Falsifying the examination You must never do this before going to the doctor!

Regardless of whether it is an annual routine check or a very specific examination – with some behaviors you can falsify results. We’ll tell you what you shouldn’t do before going to the doctor …

You will usually be told when you make an appointment that you should stay sober before a doctor’s visit when blood is drawn. But there are a few other things that you should better avoid immediately before the appointment. The point is not to look better, but rather not to falsify important results.

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Are you planning to visit a doctor? Refrain from these things

1. At the “cold” appointment

If you are dealing with a cold in winter and you go to the doctor because of it, then do not take anti-flu medications beforehand. They temporarily make some of the symptoms go away, making a diagnosis difficult.

2. Before the routine check-up

At the annual check-up and at many other doctor’s visits, blood pressure is measured and blood is drawn. You shouldn’t have coffee or other caffeinated drinks beforehand. You can make your blood pressure appear higher than it actually is for a short time.

It is also better not to eat fatty foods the day before your doctor’s visit or on the same day. You can raise the cholesterol level, but also the blood sugar level.

3. Before the urine test

If you know in advance that your urine should be tested, you shouldn’t drink too much. Many people do this because they think that it makes it easier to give the urine sample. But drinking too much can dilute the urine so that the test is no longer very meaningful.

4. At the dermatologist

Regardless of the reasons for going to the dermatologist – refrain from applying nail polish or having gel nails done beforehand. The dermatologist often takes a look at the nails because they can identify various diseases, such as fungal infections. If the nails are painted or covered by gel nails, he cannot see anything.

5. Before the mammography

X-rays of your breast are taken for breast cancer screening. You shouldn’t apply deodorant beforehand. The traces of deodorant can look like calcifications in the chest on the X-ray. Your doctor could sound the alarm for absolutely no reason.

These things don’t make you popular with the doctor

By the way, there are a few more no-gos for doctor’s appointments. You make yourself particularly unpopular if you search Google in advance for a possible disease and then confront the doctor with a finished diagnosis. Better just tell him the symptoms you came for.

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It also makes little sense to lie to the doctor. The doctor is not a judge; he should help you. But he can only do that if you tell the truth. He is also subject to confidentiality. So if he asks, for example, how much you drink, how much you smoke, or what you eat, answer truthfully. Otherwise he won’t be able to treat you right.

A healthy amount of personal hygiene before going to the doctor is also not wrong and actually a matter of course. Nobody expects you to appear perfectly made up and styled despite illness. But a small lightning shower should be in there. This makes the examination much more pleasant for the doctor.

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