Fast hairstyle

For those who do not have a lot of manual skills, accessories are excellent options to make the hairstyle more enhanced. Staples, clips, handkerchiefs, ribbons … All of this helps to make the look more tidy in those lazy days that everyone has, right?

Velvet Ribbon


Photo – Fashionismo

Hairstyle has dominated street style and fashion shows in recent international fashion weeks. I loved it becoming a trend because it is simply one of the simplest tricks to play at home.
Go to a haberdashery near your home or order some fine velvet ribbons from aliexpress. The look is more romantic and gives a new face to the ponytail that sometimes gets a little beaten up ?

Decorated staples

Prep Itude - Tumblr

Photo – Prep Itude (Tumblr)

Beads decorated with pearls are super easy to find – The Beauty Box has some beautiful models! That side twist or the half-tied hairstyle is much more charming with these accessories, don’t you think?



Picture – Arefinaria

Who said that loop is a child’s thing? We grow up and forget that the accessory can be a great ally for a simple hairstyle in bad hair day. I’m in love with pieces with geometric design – the triangular models are to die for!


Recipes Without Borders

Foto – Pinterest

Obviously, the scarves would not be left out of the selection. A bun can be a lot more interesting with the accessory – it makes the look so happy. Love the printed models of Amaro ?

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