Fat Away Program! Pounds and cellulite gone – this is how this woman completely transformed in a short time

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Sarah Melissa Jones from Australia freed her body of extra pounds in just seven months. She has also declared war on her cellulite. You can find out how she did it here.

Beautician Sarah Melissa Jones from Australia’s Gold Coast tourist region was dissatisfied with her body. Then in April 2017 she decided to stop making excuses and start a fitness program to get her body back in shape. The results after only seven months of training and a change in diet are really impressive.

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With these fitness programs, Sarah was able to lose weight

Sarah discovered that “Bikini Body Guide (BBG)” by the Australian personal trainer and author Kayla Itsines for herself. She followed Itsines’ plan for seven months before using another program to get rid of her cellulite. The so-called “Female Fitness” program then greatly reduced your orange peel and tightened the tissue.

That’s why she wanted to lose weight

Sarah was dissatisfied with her figure. She had put on too much fat and the sight of her cellulite was also a horror for her, she writes on her Instagram profile. It wasn’t that she didn’t know what weight loss exercises and what foods to eat to get rid of her cellulite. The problem was their motivation. But she made the decision to finally start exercising and eat sensible and healthy food in order to lose weight.

“You just have to keep track of your actions, and so is your diet. You can’t just eat healthy once and expect everything, including your figure, to change“, She told the news portal” dailymail.co.uk “. Starting and sticking with it is the key to getting rid of cellulite, Sarah continues.

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What can Sarah eat while losing weight?

In addition to giving up alcohol, Sarah has also dedicated herself to a healthy diet. For example, on a typical day, she has oats for breakfast, soaked in almond milk and refined with a tablespoon of peanut butter and blueberries. At lunchtime, for example, there are two falafel balls with jasmine rice, soy sauce and rocket. Tofu with vegetables are then on the menu in the evening.

After a strenuous workout, Sarah refuels her body with a smoothie and protein balls. The change in her diet and targeted fitness exercises have helped Jones lose seven pounds in seven months and lose weight from 67 to 59 pounds and get rid of her cellulite in the process.

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