Fat Witch Brownies - NY
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Fat Witch Brownies – NY

The other day I went for a walk in the Chelsea Market more calmly to get to know all the corners of this Gourmet Market better – look, one more on your list, huh? Located in the Meatpacking District and facing the Google building here in NY, if you are a staunch Foodie like me, it’s worth the visit. One day I make a post just talking about him. But today I’m going to tell you about my experience at Fat Witch Bakery, which is located inside this delicious Gourmet Market. Fat Witch is a store that ONLY sells Brownies. The brand is super known here and some say it is the best Brownie in town. I still don’t have the clout to say that (I need to try many brownies before giving my opinion … lol) but I say with categoricality that it is delicious, decadent and veryoooo fun.
fat witch brownie ickfd1The brand was created in 1991 and the store here in Chelsea MarketSmall and concise, it opened in 1998. Currently, it produces over 2500 brownies a day, made from scratch and without preservatives. The unit costs 2.95 dollars and the flavors are: the original made with chocolate pieces, rich, intense and very wet. I loved it; Java, made with choco cappuccino chips; the Blonde, described by them as a brownie shaped cookie, because it takes white chocolate and choco dark chocolate chips; Red, with dried cherries in the dough; Snow because it is made with white chocolate and white chocolate chips -must be sooo sweet-; Caramel, stuffed with caramel; Breakfast, which she describes as oats, nuts and coffee, all within the same brownie and finally, Walnut, which is the original chocolate recipe plus nuts.
fat witch brownie fer flaiban ickfd3In addition to Brownie by itself, Fat Witch sells other related products or brownie derivatives: it has a mix of hot chocolate, personalized tin cookies, ecobags and mugs with the logo, recipe booklet with more than 50 different brownies and Witch Ends packs – the edges of the pan, the part of the Brownie that is more dry and crunchy. These pieces are sold to be served with ice cream, yogurt or simply tasted like cookies (and 10% of the sale goes to clearwater.org, an NGO that teaches young people and children about the importance of preserving the Hudson River, also showing how the treatment of the water we drink =]).
fat witch brownie ickfd4fat witch brownie ickfd2The store is very cute and the little witch’s logo is everywhere. The service was very attentive and there are always samples of the Brownie Flavor of the day to enjoy.
In my opinion, nothing is more American than a brownie. Even better when it’s done well. If you want to know more information about it, visit www.fatwitch.com.
fat witch brownie ickfd5
PS: it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to present your friends there in Brazil with a delicious slice of Fat Witch as a travel souvenir.

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