Fattening “Stress” Time pressure and an unbalanced diet: Are you a “stress eater”?

Fattening “Stress” Time pressure and an unbalanced diet: Are you a “stress eater”?

Do you often have time pressure and pay too little attention to a balanced diet? Chronic stress not only makes you sick, it also makes you fat. We explain the consequences of eating under stress and how you can avoid fattening traps.

Do you have a hectic day and quickly cram something to eat on the way to work? Or do you treat yourself to something sweet later? Then you belong to the so-called stress eaters. But what is that anyway? It has nothing to do with hunger. You see the food as a kind of reward for your stressful everyday life.

But you are not doing yourself any good. The World Health Organization (WHO) confirms that stress is the greatest risk to human health. Show as well scientific research at Ohio State Universitythat permanent psychological stress and constant exertion have enormous consequences for the body and for the figure. Women in particular are affected by it, because the body burns fewer calories under stress.

What are the fattening traps for stress?

80 percent of people change their eating behavior under pressure and stress. The reason for this lies in the brain, where signals for hunger are also sent. Studies confirm that the stress hormone cortisol in particular increases the appetite for fat and sugar. The fat deposits inevitably increase. According to doctors, there is a metabolic disorder. Researchers also found that regular, healthy eating is neglected when tension is persistent. Instead, stressed people turn to high-calorie fast food.

Woman relaxing on couch

Relieve stress!
With these relaxation exercises you will get through Christmas stress-free

Is Christmas stressful? Not at all if you follow our tips.

As a stress eater, you should follow the following tips to prevent further weight gain:

No sweets

A US study shows that we like to reach for chocolate and chips when we are under pressure, disappointment and lovesickness. If we often eat because of negative feelings, we gain weight and become overweight. So rather eat an apple or a banana. Remove your candy from the closet. If you urgently need nerve food, chew sugar-free gum or treat yourself to a small piece of dark chocolate.

Schedule fixed times for your meal

So breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as healthy snacks like yogurt and fresh fruit are now on your daily meal plan. Meals should consist of vegetables and salads with lean meat and fish. Carbohydrate foods like pasta and potatoes should end up on your plate at lunchtime.

Take enough time to eat

Find a cozy place where you have peace. If you chew your food sufficiently, your stomach will also tell you when it’s full. You should avoid snacks at night. Because psychologists claim that around 20 percent of all overweight people eat very late in the evening.

Move more

Getting enough exercise will help banish adrenaline and cortisol. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, get the bike out of the garage, walk a lot. All of this burns calories and increases your stamina.

In the future, in hectic times, you should reward yourself with things other than food. Because you pay a high price for this, namely your health. Your figure and fitness are also gone. The so-called sunshine and happiness hormone serotonin is also released through, for example, a delicious tea, listening to your favorite music or relaxed movements such as yoga. Soon you will feel fitter and your stomach will be flatter.

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