Faucets Statement
Faucets statement

Faucets Statement

I think whoever is following our Work Diary must have realized that I am passionate about taps! Yes, at first you may be surprised, but know that this item makes all the difference in the kitchen and bathroom decor – two rooms that I love!
If you saw our video at CASACOR SP, you already know the faucet model for one of the kitchens in the new office, right?

Photo – Friday Lunch

As many of you must also like this “unusual” item, why not talk about these incredible pieces? There are many different models for people to fall in love with: mixers for table, wall, single lever, timer, parts with a matte finish, copper, gold, silver … Anyway, there’s a bit of everything!

Kitchen templates


Photos – Decoholic, Becki Ownens and Macarenagea

For this environment I think it is super important to have mixers for a table or single lever, after all, only those who wash dishes know the importance of warm water to clean everything, right? Jokes aside, having a functional tap is indispensable in this environment. In addition to the mixers being practical, it is very important to look for parts with a moving spout.
Talking about design, I really like the most minimalist models and that’s why I think the single-lever mixer is my favorite so far. In addition, although I find the matte finishes beautiful, I prefer the more lustrous pieces in silver or copper.

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