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Hi, guys! With all this fashion of churros, I could not fail to come by and leave a super suggestion for a restaurant right in the residential center of Jardim Icaraí, in Niterói, called Predileto. There, I had the pleasure of seeing him, our dearest churros on the menu! The portion comes with several of them and a little jar of extra dulce de leche! (hey, want to learn how to make it? Here you can check the recipe for chocolate churros and here a traditional version, without gluten or lactose)
For many, the portion served would be enough to share – for me it left me wanting more lol! Think … Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and the warm dulce de leche running down the center! I don’t want anything else in life. Lying, because I had to go back there to try another dessert that wins for the flavor and textures. Perfect combination of guava and cheese. I’m talking about a delicious creamy guava with a crunchy chestnut crust, served on a creamy cheese bed. In addition, a giant scoop of cream ice cream. In other words … an explosion of flavors to leave anyone in awe.
PS: Ah, yes, I ate a savory dish, delicious and with the taste of homemade food: a chicken with leek crunch and confit cherry tomatoes. The beautiful presentation and the menu are the work of Chef Vicente Maia. Here’s the tip!
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Address: Rua Mariz E Barros, 396 Jardim Caraí, Niterói, Rio De Janeiro 24220-121 Brazil
See you in the next post. A thousand Kisses!

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