Favorite: Wrapped Dresses
Favorite wrapped dresses

Favorite: Wrapped Dresses

Anyone who knows me, or follows the channel and the blog, knows very well that the shot models are definitely my favorites! No matter the size, color or print – the models fitted at the waist and wide at the hip are sure options for a feminine look that helps to shape the body!



Photo 1 – SR Trends / Photo 2 – Stitch correction / Photo 3 – Where to Get

The light dresses are sophisticated and feminine! As many people do not use very light colors for fear of “increasing”, this model is great, because it is more structured and does not score as much. Another tip to lengthen the silhouette is to wear heels or sneakers of your skin tone.



Photo 1 – Raw edition / Photo 2 – Anthropology / Photo 3 – Memorandum

Black and white, stripes and graphic prints are great options for a work place or a more formal party. The fabric can vary, ranging from silk to knitting. Pay attention to the length and prefer the dresses that go to the knee or midis.



Photo 1 – Morning Lavender / Photo 2 – Slufoot / Photo 3 – Lovin Blog

To escape the obvious, the textures are incredible! Income, leisure cuts and applications are some of the best options. In addition to being elegant, dresses of different textures are those pieces that go by themselves – just finish off with simple and ready accessories!



Foto 1 – Urban Outfitters / Foto 2 – Lovin Blog / Foto 3 – Pop Sugar

Of course, the florals could not be missing. The face of hot days, they are great for casual looks or that lunch with friends. The most modern prints are incredible for a more urban look!



Photo 1 – Fit Fab Fun Mom / Photo 2 – Teen Infonet / Photo 3 – Pic V Pic

There’s no denying the vintage influence on swirled dresses, right? Poá is the face of the 60s and if you want to get out of the caricature, complete the look with a more modern belt, bags and various accessories. Taylor’s look is too cute! The most modern touch is given by the micro length! The grace of the last look is due to the midi length and the pleated skirt.



Photo 1 – Pop Sugar / Photo 2 – Who uses it / Photo 3 – Oasis Store

Cut at leisure, striking print and collar… How can you not love it? Each for an occasion and all with its charm: red lipstick! The femininity of these dresses is undeniable and it is logical that the red lipstick finishes the look in the best possible way!
Now take a look at these wish dresses !!

  1. Pat Pat is Welsh | R $ 1,605.00
  2. MSGM at Farfetch | R $ 2,710.00
  3. Market 33 at OQ Vestir | R $ 279.00
  4. The White Lily | R $ 539.50
  5. PAROSH at Farfetch | R $ 3,780.00

Prices are a bit steep, but I guarantee they have become the most beloved dresses in your wardrobe!

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